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Hey Everyone! 

I’m sitting at my new kitchen table in our new home here in Myrtle Beach! It’s been ages (at least in the social media world) since we’ve updated the blog. And man…it feels good to get on here and type a little something. 

This last year, was definitely a whirlwind. It was full of transition and change. If you haven’t been following along, after 10 years, my husband finished his medical journey and graduated from his residency program. Can I get a hallelujah?!

This summer, we’ve moved away from Atlanta, started to get settled in Myrtle Beach and have done a little traveling up to our hometown in Ohio too. What an adventure. 


For the first time in 10 years, I am now beginning to process the idea of staying put somewhere. Digging my heels in. Starting roots. {As I write this, I know full well that life has a funny way of turning out different than planned, so I’m aware of that constant possibility.} But truthfully, this is a new feeling for me. And a mindset that will definitely have to be developed–to think past the temporary. 

With our new space, I have felt a little hurried to make it feel like home. Can anyone relate to that? I’ve also had a little internal pressure going on, where I feel like I should be 110% confident about everything that is new here for us.

I’m wondering (or worrying) about finding community, connecting with our neighbors and what the school year will be like for our girls. Is this the right fit? Will my kids grow and develop into loving and kind people in this environment? All the questions!

 These are just some of my initial worries, and I’m sure most people have these thoughts no matter how long they’ve lived somewhere.

I find myself having high expectations for our family, when really I need to allow time for things to happen more naturally. There is no race to be won, or official check-list that needs to be crossed off when feeling settled in a new home. I need to remind myself of that and ultimately, I need to go back to the foundation of our home that is in Christ. With Him, our house (family) is on a rock. And it cannot be shaken. (Luke 6:46-49)


I’m thankful for this next phase in life. And I’m so thankful for how the Lord has led us here and already has provided in so many ways. More on that story later! 

Also–just throwing this out there and being super honest….

I’ve had a horrible time being in the Word so far this summer. It’s one of my goals to be reading the Bible everyday–and summer has definitely not been my finest hour. 

I ordered this book today and I’m hoping it gives me some motivation for consistency! If anyone else is in that same boat, especially during the summer months, I’ll keep ya posted if it helps!








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  1. Dawn Walsh aka Michelle DeLong's (Lee) Mom says:

    Oh I am so Jealous!! I absolutely Love Myrtle Beach! My favorite area is Market Comon. It is a great community, shopping, restaurants , parks the list goes on and on!! It is on an old Air Force Base!! If you haven’t already check it out!!! Enjoy your new home in Myrtle Beach!! There is a Church I kinda have read about called I believe Beach Church! Seems comparable to like Cedar Creek here!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Dawn! I have quickly checked out Market Commons and its a super cute area! I definitely need to explore it more. Thanks for the recommendations. I also have driven past Beach Life church. I’ll look into it! Thanks so much!

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