Hey 2017! {Giveaways Coming At Ya}

Hey 2017!

Its been a fun few weeks celebrating Christmas and New Years, but man it feels good to be back into a routine. My daughter literally had the longest winter break ever (21 days off or something crazy like that.) We had such a blast with family, but all of us in my house, were ready to get back to “normal” after the holidays.

Angie and I are excited to be blogging again this year! But, before our 2017 posts officially start rolling in, we wanted to celebrate the one year “blogiversary” that we passed in December! With the holidays a little behind us, we are now ready for a few fun GIVEAWAYS!  We’ve loved all the support from you all and some of the sweetest blogging moments have been connecting with those of you who have been in our similar shoes.


Celebrating one year of Hometown Honey Blog with our favorite local cupcakes (Smallcakes)

If you’ve been following along with us, you know Angie and I talk about a little bit of everything. We love sharing recipes, DIY stuff, parenting experiences, marriage stories and testimonies about our faith.

With that, we thought it would be fun, to do a few giveaways in the some of those “categories.”  Not everyone who reads our stuff is a parent, is married, or frankly— is exactly like us.

So, over the next few days we’ll be posting about 3 different giveawaysKeep your eyes open for the giveaways this week. 3 potentially fun, useful and FREE things could be coming your way!

Will you celebrate our one year mark with us and join in the fun!? We hope so!


Happy 2017 ya’ll! 




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