hair products for the hopeless

I’m kind of hopeless when it comes to styling my hair and keeping up with the latest hair trends, but I am always looking for new (and cheap) products to try for wavy hair. 

My hair isn’t stick straight or beautifully curly–instead its an awkward in-between wave…that I still haven’t mastered how to style. And since having kids its gotten even trickier. 

This week at Target, I picked up these new products

Its always refreshing to mix up my shampoo and conditioner routine. These products were great and each were under $5. OGX has a big selection of products at Target, all geared for different hair, and for a reasonable price.

I love the smell of coconut and wanted to give my wavy hair a little extra TLC with the coconut curls conditioner. My hair felt hydrated, light-weight and clean after I showered.

Afterwards, I tried Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft CurlsIMG_5124IMG_5126I splurged a little bit more with this product because I am desperate to find something that doesn’t leave my hair feeling “crunchy”  and weighed down when I use it.

After applying the product, my hair is definitely NOT crunchy, sticky or weighed down. In a positive way—it feels like there is barely any product in it at! I like the way my hair looks, feels and smells after using it!



Someone wanted to pose with me! 


For all my wavy-haired friends out there, I had fun trying these new products and found some success! 

If you have wavy hair and love or swear by a certain product, what is it? Share your secret!






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  1. Stephanie says:

    Lesley’s been using straight coconut oil to tame frizz. She loves it!

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