GIVEAWAY #2 {Closed}

Its day 2 of our blog GIVEAWAY!

To recap:

Monday we gave away a “Write The Word” journal and on our Instagram story we announced our winner! Congrats to Dee Davie!

Ready for today??

Thanks to An Apple A Day, we are able to give away… 


2 Responsibility Trackers to 2 lucky winners out there!!!!

If you missed my post earlier in December about these Responsibility Trackers, check it out here!

The Apple A Day Responsibility tracker has been a huge help around our house and the idea is simple– which I love. We’ve been using this tracker with my oldest daughter Macey and feel like it’s a great way to slowly get your kids involved around the house. She thinks it’s fun to close doors as she accomplishes tasks! These trackers would be a good gift for friends with kids or would also be a good tool to start the New Year off with your little ones.


Again we are picking 2 winners for this GIVEAWAY—so check out the instructions below.

Giveaway Instructions:

1.) Comment on THIS BLOG POST one word that describes the adventure of parenting for you! {examples: crazy, rewarding, fun, etc.}

2.) Follow us on Instagram if you haven’t already! @hometownhoneyblog

Our giveaway is open to US winners only, you have until tomorrow January 19th at 5pm EST to enter.

We will draw two winners and announce it on our Instagram Story Thursday night and send our winners an email! Be on the look out! The winners will have 24 hours to claim their prize by emailing us at-

If not claimed after 24 hours, another winner will be selected.

This giveaway thing is super fun! 



20 Responses to GIVEAWAY #2 {Closed}

  1. Victoria Conrad says:


  2. Claire says:


  3. Sarah C says:


  4. Katie says:


  5. Jennifer says:

    Forget kids…my husband and I need one for ourselves!

  6. Lauren Halvorsen says:

    Hey you 2 cuties!! Hope I do this right!

  7. Anna says:


    (And also “humbling”… so so humbling)

  8. Anna says:


    (And “humbling… so, so humbling!!)

    (And you’ve officially inspired me to finally join instagram, just so I have a chance to win this giveaway! Ha! 🙂 )

  9. Larisa Paige says:

    Tears, tears & more tears (my girls are very dramatic!)

  10. Collette Hauge says:


  11. Danielle Robb says:

    Consuming! ☺️

  12. Amanda says:


    I know I’m late!

  13. Ariel Ohlemacher says:


  14. Janessa says:


  15. Danielle Engle says:


  16. Jenny Benz says:


  17. Chase Peavy says:


  18. Katie says:

    Growth-inducing! I don’t know if that’s a word, but I feel like I’m constantly being challenged to grow through parenting.

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