Give Me Sleep NOW!!!!


I just wanted to share a resource with you all that can be a LIFESAVER for you as it was me!

Since my daughter was born we’ve tried to use the Babywise scheduling techniques and wanted her on a schedule. As a side note, I know every parent wants what is best for his or her child and the method you choose is yours and no one should judge. For us, we wanted our daughter sleeping in her own crib and through the night. For other parents they may choose to co-sleep or again just do what’s best for their family.

Anyways, I would say for the most part we did pretty well, however, we have had issues on and off with her waking up at night as well as going to sleep for me…yes only me! She was perfect for everyone else, including babysitters she just met! We had two major issues we were dealing with in particular:

  • My daughter has the most sensitive gag reflex EVER!! We pretty much clean up puke every other day at our house. She throws up when she cries really hard so letting her cry it out is a struggle. And when I say throw up I mean it’s nasty and everywhere! The grossest!
  • My daughter can crawl out of her crib and has been able to for about 6 months so safety was a big concern for me.

About a month ago, after a really bad night of sleeping on the floor in her room while my husband was at work I had had enough! I was stressed, couldn’t sleep myself, and on edge when I did get her down, because I would be worried about when she would wake up!

I had a fellow blogger friend, Jennifer, A-Minus Mama, talk about a Pediatric Sleep Consultant on her blog. I have to admit; I was prideful and hesitant to contact someone for help. I mean, she’s an almost two year old, and I kept wondering “why couldn’t I handle this on my own!?”

Well I needed sleep and couldn’t deal with the anxiety of our nighttime routine anymore so I swallowed my pride and contacted Kristi at Little Sleepers, Big Dreamers and let me just say, HALLELUJAH!!!! Even though Kristi is based out of Ohio, we did everything through FaceTime.


Kristi came up with a plan for us and it only took one really bad day to get over our issues! She had so many suggestions and is specifically trained in pediatric sleep and what is best. She offered me several plans and asked me what I felt most comfortable with.

We did choose a type of cry it out method, but I had the support of Kristi to get me through. She suggested changes I could make to my daughter’s room such as removing the crib bumper, having her use a wearable blanket (the one with feet so she can still stand in the crib and we call it her “Princess Bag”), getting rid of her nightlight, and changing the room temperature. We ended up implementing the OK to Wake! clock as well which my daughter loves!3475063248682m

Halo Early Walker Sleepsack Wearable Blanket, 100% Poly Knit, Elephant, Cream, Medium


OK to Wake! Alarm Clock & Night-Light

We have a special little sleep book with her sleep rules that we read before nap and bedtime each day. 


Kristi was amazing and all about making the whole process POSITIVE for both my daughter and I. I liked how if the plan I chose didn’t work, she said she would be ready with another one. Kristi was worth every penny to me because I no longer have anxiety about putting my daughter to sleep.


Yes, I know we will and have had those nights were she might be sick or just has a bad dream, but 99% of the time she is sleeping in her crib ALL NIGHT and that makes me one happy mama! I know a lot of people are probably like, “you couldn’t get your own child to sleep?” But for others, they might be feeling the same anxiety and stress I had.  

So, I want you to know there are resources out there to support and help you! Don’t be afraid to use them. If it saves your sanity, then it’s worth it! If any of you are needing help with your little one’s sleep, contact Kristi or another certified sleep consultant!


Let yourself get rest because you need it! Happy Sleeping!



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  1. Danielle Engle says:

    Oh how I wish I had this resource about 4 years ago! I know the exact feeling Angie, it’s horrible! Every night we just get more work down and we become more frustrated. I am so glad that you reached out! With another baby on the way you will be glad you did.. believe me… laying in the room 9 months pregnant and having a newborn was tough!

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