Girls Just Want To Have Fun


Sorry we’ve been MIA for a few days, but Liz and I had a super fun weekend hanging out with one of our best friends, Katie, who was visiting from Ohio!

(Just a side note, you should totally watch Girls Just Want To Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hellen Hunt! Classic 80’s movie!)



We did a lot of shopping, eating, laughing, and watching Grey’s Anatomy…which I am like 8 years behind on!!

We even went to a wine tasting festival! I haven’t gone that “crazy” in forever! I even paid a babysitter to watch my daughter for the first time! (This is a BIG ACCOMPLISHMENT for me, you guys! haha)


So because it was a fun little girls weekend… I actually put on makeup too! (Again small victories!!)

I wanted to share a couple of new concealers that my sister introduced me to— which I am now LOVING

The first one is Amazing Cosmetics Concealer. I bought the smaller tube from Ulta and can tell this thing will last a long time! You can find it at Sephora as well! It really does the job covering up red marks, pimples, and any other not so fun imperfections. You can use it under your eyes too. 


The other concealer that I am using as an under eye concealer is It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer. This stuff is AWESOME! I love how well it covers the dark circles under my eyes and just like the Amazing Cosmetics, you barely have to use any—- so the tube will last you a long time!


Ready to have fun!!


Also, I made sure to check that both concealers are CRUELTY FREE which is an extra plus! So it was a fun weekend, but now it’s back to the grind! Have a great week!



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