Gift Ideas for the toddlers in your life

My daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday earlier this month and I was a little stumped at first with what to get her for a present. Having 2 older sisters, we have plenty of toys (aka junk) to go around. We also have another move right around the corner, so the less “stuff” the better.

Ideally, I was looking for gifts that my toddler could grow with over the next year or so and also find fascination in for longer than 10 minutes…because, you know, the attention span.

Anyways, here is what I came up with. (If you caught my Facebook live last week, I talked about one of the gifts a little bit already-it’s been a huge hit!)

Insect Lore: Live Butterfly Growing Kit- This kit comes with live caterpillars that grow and become butterflies. The kit has everything you need and very detailed instructions. Everyone in my family is really into this…even 15 days later! Currently our caterpillars are in their chrysalides and in about 7-10 days we’ll watch the butterflies hatch and then release them a few days after. My husband is even into this gift, haha! Its hands-on, exciting and different from a typical toy. 9

Star Projector Night Light-This is basically a “supped up” night light that rotates the stars and moon around the room on the ceiling. There are lots of different color combinations you can choose to project, so that makes it fun each night for my daughter. Actually, all of my kids want this in their room.  71hvyw0sr3L._SX522_

Micro Scooter-We have 2 of these and the majority of the kids on our street have these scooters too. They are a great starter scooter and are nice for toddlers learning to balance.  61Kv1RLAACL._SL1200_

Magnetic Blocks-My daughter got these actually at Christmas, but it’s a great birthday gift idea. This is another gift that all of my kids play with and I even catch my husband messing around with too. When we take these out, my kids are entertained for a while. It might be their favorite or number 1 toy that we play with inside.


Photo book-If you are like me, you struggle to get any of your pictures actually printed anymore. But, I told myself this year, especially after we took our big Disney trip that I would make my daughter a little album, just for her to have and look at her awesome vacation memories.


For those of you looking for a gift, hope this helps!



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