Fun 30th Birthday Gift!


Well I left my 20’s behind this week and am part of the Thirty club! It wasn’t as depressing as I thought it would be. I used to think 30 was so “old” but that view has definitely changed! 


It was a really laid back day. We had lunch at a cafe, Liz brought me flowers, my husband got me some AWESOME cupcakes, and I got the one big thing I asked for… A NEST THERMOSTAT! 

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation


Oh yeah, I’m definitely 30 when a thermostat makes me that excited!

Anyways, this thing is the best! Ever since I had a baby, I’ve become obsessed with the temperature in the house. Yeah I know she is probably fine, but I’m always worried if she is too hot or cold! So now with the Nest, I can just pop open the app on my phone whenever I want and check the temperature!

We definitley haven’t tapped into the full possibilities of the Nest, but after 3 days it has already begun to track how I change the temperature and think ahead for me! How cool is that??

We have a downstairs and upstairs heating/cooling system and just for now we bought one Nest for the upstairs— to see how we like it.

We are on our way to having a smart house haha! 

Have a great weekend!



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