For the friend with a broken heart

One huge part of my story and walk in faith over the last 3 years has included huge heartache.

If you are like me, its really easy to assume that life should look the way you’ve planned. You have dreams, and do all the “right things” to live a happy, fulfilled life.

As one who grew up following the rules, carrying little baggage and having a strong family—I really lived in a sweet bubble. I went to college, found friends, a ministry, and married my high school sweetheart. After college, I got a job and found ways to be plugged in with the ministry I held dear to my heart. I started to grow my own family in my hometown and life seemed to go as planned.

Until 2013.

Before, I would’ve said life had its difficulties and there were things that were hard to face. But now I can say, I hadn’t even touched the feelings of sorrow and heartache until then.

Heartache is such a real thing. A life-changing thing. And for me, I will say it has taught me two specific things—

The first is that, Jesus is in fact near to the brokenhearted. “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18. This couldn’t have been truer in my life. Never before in my well calculated, “good” girl, “did all the right things” life had I felt the presence of the Lord more then when my heart was crushed. Having a broken heart is painful and messy—but for me, it made God even more real for me. He showed up, when no else could or would.


The second thing I really have understood much more through heartache is simply the act of seeing people. I know that probably sounds weird or seems almost too simple. But, for me—it wasn’t until I was at my lowest, that I really paused, appreciated, and understood the walks of life that other people had. Before, it was super easy for me to say or assume that I understood people’s struggles. But in reality, I really just understood those who had my similar life-style, or had the “over it in one day” type of struggles.

I needed heartache in my own life to show me the depth of other people and the power of their story.

I needed heartache to make God’s word real— something I literally clung to for the first time in my life.

Though I would never wish a broken heart upon anyone—I can say with assurance now, that I am thankful for what it has done in my life. 


Today, my heartache has shaped me to love deeper, listen closer and feel the world in a much more real way. 

It’s crazy how life’s lowest moments do the most work and change for your heart. I’m thankful that God promises He’s near during those times–and that redemption is the business he’s best at. 

To the friend that is deep in heartache and basically feels crushed to the bones today—you aren’t alone —you are loved, and it’s actually in the greatest way possible. 



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