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I still don’t know how all the pieces fit together, but it’s time that my words make it officially on the screen. I’ve been wrestling with this—like I should have complete answers for everything—but I’m still unsure.

We are moving.

Moving from a place that if I can just pause and say— is precious to us.

In an almost impossible and dark situation, Augusta GA has become a sweet gift. God first drew us out of our hometown and into a very unknown place. But then through His grace, brought us much closer to Him by having us here. Although moving here was not like a perfectly wrapped gift with a bow on top -God showed us the goodness and beauty of His plan.house1

And now the plans are changing.

Its funny when we think or assume that our expectations and path only belong to us. Like we are in complete control or something. And as a Christian, it really opens my eyes and redirects my heart to remembering that our treasures shouldn’t be stored here. For example- in my house, in the good schools for my children, or even in our dear friendships. Where my heart is, that is where my treasure is. And that should be the Lord and wherever He would have us. (Matthew 6:21)

My husband is a medical resident in Radiation Oncology, which is why we ended up in Georgia to begin with. His education and path to his career at this point in our lives is super important. It’s only taking him like a decade to complete, lol—but no big deal! And when professional opportunities like the one he was given recently arrive—we believe his training takes the spotlight. This won’t always be the case for our family, but for now, we look at it as an adventure and aren’t holding back.

We’ll be moving to Atlanta, which is way more manageable then moving lets say… to California.

And this move wouldn’t be as much of an issue if we didn’t have the people who are with us here in Augusta. If you haven’t had a chance to read about our blog, check out our post here— how it all started.

We have been incredibly lucky/blessed/honored/excited/thrilled/I could go on forever—that we’ve been living a mile away from some of the longest and dearest friends we know. It was seriously fate that 2 high school friends ended up in a small city, in a different state for career reasons—and that we’d be here—together. Being in high school, I never really thought about our friends and what things would be like for us when we were 30, or living in the same town or with our children in the picture. But what I can say now is—it’s been a beautiful thing.img_8678girls

Moving away from friends who really are family makes this road a bumpy one.


Also, can I just say that shy to having our parents live next door to us—we have been given the best neighbors possible! Moving away from our neighbors will be a wreck for me. We have the most servant-like, kind-hearted couple next door. He mows our grass, power washes our driveway and get this—cleans our gutters! They love our little ones and really are there for us in a minute’s notice.house2

Our neighbors on our other side, love the Lord, have small kids like ours, like to meal share with us, carpool and have gone from being good neighbors to good friends. It’s a beautiful thing when you live next to someone who “gets you,” understands your parenting woes, and cares about your family.


Playing with our neighbors from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

My cup has truly “run over” in the superabundance of God’s love (Psalm 23:5).

And I know and can personally testify now, how much greater God’s plans are then our own (Romans 8:28). How He can bring so much light out of darkness (2 Corinthians 4:6). 

I know I will look back on this season of life here in Augusta, and it will all make sense why things happened the way they did. I won’t have to wait long to really understand how good things have truly been. 

I’ll forever be grateful for this time. How it has grown me. How its changed me. How its made me a better wife, mother, daughter and friend. 

And for those of you wondering—the blog will still go on. Angie and I see big things still ahead for our friendship and this small dent we make on the world wide web, haha! Thankfully our roots to our hometown will never change. This space we’ve created is special thanks to our time in Augusta—but the next chapter we’re hoping is even sweeter!







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  1. Aunt Sue "Zoo" says:

    Big changes coming. I know God will be watching over you all at the time of transition.

  2. Mary Wills says:

    I can’t believe I am just finding out you are moving! Ironically, I would kill to be moving to Atlanta – home.

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