Finding Joy


My husband and I recently watched the new Pixar film Inside Out. We really enjoyed it. We’re both suckers for kids’ movies (Tangled is seriously my husband’s favorite movie). At the end of the movie we were both a little choked up; he says he was fine, but I know he had a few tears!

There were a couple things about the movie that really hit home with me.

First, seeing a little girl grow up made me think of my sweet baby girl and all the emotions she has or will have. Especially those emotions I wish I could protect her from. Imagining everything that is going on in her little head is so intriguing to me!

More so, however, was the idea that it’s ok to be sad. As Christians, I feel like we’re expected to be happy all the time. Because of what we have been given and the promises we have in Christ, we should just be happy about everything.

As I’m sure you know this is not the case.

During our bible study the other week, someone brought up a really good point. They said there is a difference between being happy and having joy. We can have joy, but not necessarily be happy. Joy is more of a state of being; a peace within us. Even this is a struggle for me. I am a VERY emotional person. I feel like I cry about everything and since having a baby it’s even worse! I cry when I’m happy too! My husband doesn’t know what to do with me sometimes! 

The movie reminded me that although I have been given everything, God also gave me a wide range of emotions to experience. It’s ok to feel these emotions. Even Jesus felt anger and sadness, yet was still without sin.

It’s how we react to our emotions and whether or not we let them control us that becomes the struggle.


Most of the time when certain emotions are wearing me down and not helping me, I just have to cry out to God. Maybe I’m sitting in my room or driving down the road, but calling to God is the best thing we can do. I’m working on calling out to him in every situation, be it happy or sad.

By no means do I have life all figured out and tied up in a pretty bow; nor will I until the day Jesus returns. But I know I have an amazing Father in heaven who loves me no matter what emotions I am feeling, and that brings me JOY.


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