February Favorites


Heres what I’ve been loving this month—

Keurig Mini– I know I’m behind the times with the Keurig. I’m actually kinda new to the coffee world. I didn’t start drinking coffee until after having my 2nd baby and really I just used the good ole coffee maker for a while. But since my husband drinks coffee mainly at work and I am usually running around a lot in the morning—one easy cup in the Keurig seemed really fitting and convenient. I am loving it! And I am also loving that I went with the mini size! It ISN’T huge or taking up my entire countertop!618pJmYDdxL._SL1221_

Hand-lettering course–If you’ve been following our previous posts, I am starting a new “little” hobby and working on my hand-lettering skills. Since I love doodling and have always wanted my handwriting to look a little more unique, I signed for an e-course. So far I’ve watched a few e-course videos and now I am doing a 30 day hand-lettering challenge. Its been FUN! I’ve been posting my work on Instagram. To be honest, its been nice to take a break from looking at my phone or T.V. at night. Even though this is a “challenge”—its relaxing and slow pace. I’m really loving it!30-days


For the Love by Jen Hatmaker. Its probably not fair, since I’m not finished with this book completely—but I would HIGHLY recommend it! Not only is Jen HILARIOUS, (like I’m legit laughing out loud while reading this at midnight most of the time) but she is so real. To me, her book reads like a conversation you would be having with a wise friend.  The words are true, blunt and encouraging. One of my favorite quotes from her book so far is: “we need to quite being awesome and instead be wise.” This book is a breath of fresh air. Its a must read!


Kids stuff–The latest and greatest purchase I’ve made for my kids this month has got to be the new magnets for the fridge. I know—magnets, its kind of lame. But all 3 of my girls like magnets and fight over the old/random ones we’ve had for the last 10 years. Anyways, I took the plunge into the magnet world and got Disney Princess along with Leap Frog alphabet magnets. They are a hit! My girls play, move around and sound out the letter magnets (my baby mainly eats them–its all good). The toy bus does a great job of singing the sounds and making the tune catchy too! And who doesn’t like playing princesses in one more areas of their house?! #princesseverything #princesshouse



Watching my baby pull herself up– this is definitely been new and a favorite this month! This is my 3rd go around and I still can’t believe how fast time flies having a baby. She’ll be 1 in two weeks!


Angie–She is one of my favorites every month, but today I’m giving her extra lovin’ because its her 30th birthday! Angie is caring to a fault. She loves deeply, lives humbly, and wants the best for everyone. Angie’s heart breaks for people that probably don’t even realize it–people near and far who have been in her life. She is sensitive and thoughtful. She really does demonstrate Philippians 2:4 “…in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interest of the others.” She also is a GREAT cook! Ang– I love sitting on a toy-filled floor with you and talking about our highs and lows. I love that we share moments of our everyday life together! I love that we are on a blogging adventure together! What a joy it has been to just be together! 

Since its also Thursday, here’s a #tbt from our college days! Happy Birthday sweet friend!

What have you been loving this month??



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