Family Date Night

happy birthday to you (1)The other day I found a yummy recipe on Pinterest that was titled “Date Night Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese.” Hello—mushrooms, goat cheese, pasta and a date night combined, sounded fabulous. I mentioned the recipe to Angie and we decided to try it together for the weekly dinners we like to have at one of our houses.

So, last night was the night we had our “date night” dinner together with this new recipe. It obviously wasn’t a real date night with our 4 kids running around, but still a special recipe to try! We doubled the ingredients and ended up with LOTS of leftovers. So heads up, if you are making this for 4 adults, the recipe doesn’t need to be doubled. But if you love leftovers like us—then go for it!dinner

That’s a whole bowl of mushrooms—lots and lots!


So much food that we had to separate it into 2 pans!

We went over to Angie’s house to play outside in her backyard with water toys and hang out before dinner. My girls love toys that aren’t their own, lol! And when David (my husband) made it home from work, we started cooking the pasta dish! The guys got to hang out, the kids got to play, and Angie and I broke up our normal dinner routine by doing it together. We love our time with friends!outside

guys2Sidenote— I love cooking with other people! Especially Ang! She has a knack for cooking and we seem to flow together in the kitchen pretty well!

The dish didn’t take long to cook. Cutting and sautéing the mushrooms was the hardest part. Overall, I would say it was really easy! We followed the recipe very closely but added a little grilled chicken to the pasta. It was a nice touch!mealmeal2

This is our last weekend all together for a while with our dear friends, as Angie and I are heading up to Ohio with all the kids, and the guys will continue working, down here in the South. 

As most of you know by now, it is a small miracle that we are in the same town as our high school best friends. Some days, I still have to pinch myself. Having our closest friends here in the same town is my favorite story to tell!

As life seems to go—we often realize the greatness or blessing of something after it is gone or is in hindsight. So with that, I’m really trying to not let this opportunity of being a mile away from “our people” become just a “habit” to me. I’m really trying to taste the goodness, before life takes its next turn and this present time becomes something that I wish and wish I would’ve appreciated more.

I could write a whole post about friendship, (which I probably will soon, heads up) because I have realized more than anything over the last year and a half, how crucial, life-giving and important it truly is.

Also, how is it possible that these babies have grown so much in the past year?! #babybutts


We ended our dinner date with some homemade whipped cream that Ang made with my oldest daughter, Macey—heavy whipping cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla. We dipped fresh fruit into it and it was heavenly.dessert

Our kids are crazy and dinner often looks like a circus, but man—time together is the best! Here’s what Angie and I were texting about after our dinner, homemade whipped cream, and time together, lol! Amaze-balls, lol! 


Have a good weekend and try this recipe sometime!



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