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wreathWhat’s better than spending part of the summer with family and having your mom around to tackle a fun DIY project?!

The other day, my mom and I were window shopping at a local antique store and I came across a really pretty wreath. My mom is definitely craftier than me and also likes “projects” a touch more than me too. (just ask my 5 year-old about her and Mimi’s special projects—they have like a million.)

One of the reasons I liked this particular wreath was because it was made out of hymnal pages—how creative! Some of my favorite bedtime songs for my girls are hymns. And the meaning and heart behind so many verses, usually give me chills.p14

The wreath was originally $40 from the store and my mom insisted we could make the exact same thing for less than $10.

So I gave her the reigns— and really this was her DIY project that I just supervised, nitpicked and ultimately get to take home!

You could do this kind of paper wreath with many different types of pages from various books, stationery or even pretty colored paper!

My mom had an old hymnal from her church and the first thing I did was pick out the special hymns I really wanted to be seen. I used a single edge razor blade to separate the pages from the book and then my mom trimmed off the rough edges. We estimated that the wreath would need about 70 pages to complete.

After we took apart the pages my mom started folding each hymn like a fan. She really only folded the bottom of the page, leaving the top just slightly “fan looking.” At the bottom of each page, she stapled it to hold everything in place.p1

Once the pages were folded we started to form the wreath.

We took a white foam board and cut roughly a 12 inch circle. Once the circle was cut, she marked a 10 and then 8 inch circle on the inside, in order to have a guideline for gluing the pages. She started with 4 pages and glued them to the board strategically at 12, 3, 6, and 9 o’clock. Then she filled in the spaces to complete the first ring of pages.p15p2p3

My mom did 2 outer rings of vertically folded pages and then changed her folds to horizontal to create the inner circles. The center of the wreath was complete with a pretty paper flower that she created—thanks to some Youtube tutorials! Click here to see!p4p6p9

p8We took an old green ribbon used from one of my wedding shower gifts to hang the wreath. It adds a special touch, and is a nice neutral color.p10

My mom is a craft perfectionist and definitely pays way too much attention to detail, but this really is a pretty simple project. p11p12

Where should I hang this in my house you guys?



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