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I’ve been telling my husband for awhile now that I wanted a barn door into the entryway of our master bathroom. These kind of doors look super cool. But more importantly, they allow for more space in our bathroom. The old door swung into the bathroom so it just made the bathroom feel a little crowded. (See picture below of our bedroom doors before we moved in. Bathroom door is on the right.)


I came across barn door plans from Jenna Sue Design Co. Blog on Pinterest and sent them to my husband.

DIY Sliding Barn Door (The plans tell you all the details including where to get the track!)

To my surprise he built me the door while I was in Ohio this summer!

barn door6

I finished the caulking, sanding, and painting and we hung it together a couple of weeks ago and I LOVE IT!! (The paint color is the same paint color as all the trim in our house.)

barn door

A few side notes. If you follow the post, like we did, you might run into some of the issues we had.

We added a piece of 1″x3″ board behind the track because we needed the track to stick out further from the wall so the door wouldn’t hit our door frame. Also, some of the bolts in our track are in studs and some are in HEAVY DUTY drywall anchors. 

barn door3

We added a little handle to the back of the door so it can be opened from the inside of the bathroom (the back of the door.)

barn door4 barn door5

Also, we are still planning on adding a small track piece at the bottom of the door which keeps it from swinging out. The track will help close the gap between the door and door frame.

Side Note: Ignore the fact that my bathroom is half painted. I started that earlier in the summer and still havent finished it yet. #reallife

If you love the sliding barn door look, or are dealing with a door that opens into a cramped space, try a plan like we did. I’m guessing you’ll love the look and how it changes your space! 

barn door2




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  1. Jessica says:

    Amazing idea!!! Looks very rustic and relaxed.

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