DIY Labels: Fun custom labels for beer bottles, wine bottles, cups, etc.!


So my husband took on a new hobby back in the fall…or an obsession. Home Beer Brewing! As much as I get annoyed when he takes over my kitchen and turns it into his own chemistry lab, the process is pretty cool. 


He’s still learning all the details and figuring out what works, so for Christmas I wanted to get him something that helped with the beer brewing process. I don’t know enough about all the equipment, so instead I found a company that makes custom beer bottle labels and created a design for him!

I ordered the labels from Bottle Your Brand and they made the process super easy.

They have pre-made labels you can customize, but I chose to design mine from scratch. These labels aren’t just for beer bottles–you can put them on cups or other items you want to customize as well! 


Just a quick note, the label I made for my husband is actually a saying he has for our two Jack Russells– Titus and McGee. “We don’t negotiate with Terriers.” Like most terriers they have an obsession with small critters and will chase them anywhere! 


So if you want a fun, personal gift, try some custom labels!



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  1. Jeanelle says:

    Love this idea ! Could be a great wedding shower gift ! First home label, first anniversary label, first baby label, etc !! Thanks for sharing!

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