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Ok so I finally bugged my husband enough to help me build a farmhouse table for Thanksgiving! I’m not gonna lie, when we do projects together, they are rough! We fight A LOT, but for some reason we keep doing more! I think it’s the satisfaction of a finished product that keeps us coming back. And the fact that our projects are like free marriage counseling—they bring out all our emotions and then we feel really calm and relieved when it’s over!

Anyways, we used the infamous Ana White diy farmhouse table plans, the updated version with pocket holes. My husband loves the Kreg Jig! It’s really been useful for the projects we have been doing!!

We bought the wood on Sunday afternoon of Thanksgiving week, finished building Monday, sanded and stained Tuesday and Wednesday, and had it in the dining room by Thursday afternoon!




I used Minwax Provincial Stain and only used one coat! It was a little darker than I wanted but I’m ok with it. Make sure you work quickly with your stain and continue brushing so there are no drip marks. I used a fast drying Semi-Gloss polyurethane finish.



The whole project including wood and stain cost less than $100!!

I will say the only thing we may have done differently is to buy higher-quality, more expensive wood. Working with imperfect wood was the biggest challenge. By no means is the table flawless and if you want a super fancy, shiny table then this is not the one for you. I love all the imperfections though and I won’t be upset when someone puts a big dent in it!

Even though it was just the three of us for Thanksgiving it was really nice to be able to sit at a dining room table! You can see we are super fancy in this house!


Now I just need to find some chairs! Happy Building!





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