DIY Closet Makeover

clothesclosetWhile I had my mom in town a few weeks ago we took on a DIY project to makeover my master bedroom closet.

I have a pretty standard closet. Its a small walk-in with wire shelves and hanging space. Again, nothing special and pretty standard. But as you can see below…this closet system wasn’t really working for me. MESSY (and embarrassing!)


I wanted to make changes to my closet that were budget friendly, easy to complete and would ultimately make a difference—meaning, making it look bigger, better, and act more efficiently. Thankfully, I walked into Angie’s closet at her house and saw exactly what I was looking for.  

Between the two houses that Angie and her husband have owned they’ve done this DIY “built-in” looking closet system in both. I totally stole this idea from her and made it happen in my house. 

To start with, I cleared half of my closet out. I decided to work with the left side of the closet, because it only had one hanging shelf, as oppose to the other side with two hanging shelves. I knew I needed to keep hanging space—so I made the left side my “makeover” side lol!closet3

Once everything was cleared out, my mom and I assembled the shelves that would look like “built-ins.” We bought 2 Mainstays 5-Shelf Wood bookcases and 2 Closetmaid 31 in. Stackable Storage Organizers



We built everything separately, then placed the bookshelves on top of the stackable shoe organizers. (Its good to know that because of the width of the bookshelves, you need 31 in. shoe organizers in order for this to work!) 

Placing the bookshelves on top of the shoe organizers was important for 2 reasons. 1) The base board along my closet floor wouldn’t allow the bookcases to stand flush against the wall. Therefore the shoe organizers kept us from having to rip up the trim. 2) The shelves on top of the organizers made the “built-in” seem bigger and allowed for extra space below.


Once everything was in position we then secured the bookshelves to the wall with L brackets. Because of the quality of the bookshelves (on the cheaper side) and the traffic of little girls I have in my house—this is a huge SAFETY factor! My mom drilled 2 L brackets at the top of each shelf and 2 L brackets in the middle of the shelves. Don’t miss this step if you decide to take on this project. The shelves are wobbly and could fall without using brackets!closet6



When everything was built and sturdy the closet looked a million times better! And with the remaining closet space we had left on this side of the wall, my mom had the old wire hanging shelf cut to fit the space. That small hanging shelf is perfect for long dresses that can’t hang on the opposite side of the closet now.


This closet makeover definitely met all of my expectations! Total it was less than $100 to complete. It makes the space feel a lot bigger. It keeps our clothing way more organized. It uses the space we have way more efficiently and because of the “built-in” feel—it looks like it was always a part of the closet. 


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If you are looking for a way to reorganize or makeover your closet space, consider this type of easy, low cost DIY project!




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