DIY Built-Ins


So I figured it would be appropriate to show y’all this project now that it has been done for a whole year lol! I’ve wanted “Built-Ins” since we moved into our house 3 years ago. Finally after nagging the hubby for the first 2 years, he helped me build them! I looked online for inspiration, but ultimately we used our own plans for the project. They are not technically recessed or anything, but they are attached to the wall. I’m basically going to show you photos and give you a general description of what we did. We are NOT professionals, but they work and I LOVE THEM! So here it goes!

The room was empty and boring before! And even though the house was already built when we found it, we had the builder put in hardwood floors throughout the family room before we moved in…Kids+Dogs+carpeting = no Buena!!


We started the process by ripping out the baseboards! BookShelves

Next we used stock 12″ deep upper cabinets from Lowe’s as the base. We built them up on 2″x6″s to give them height.BookShelves2

After that we added new baseboard all around. And I started to paint them!BookShelves3 BookShelves4 BookShelves5 BookShelves6

Then we added wood on top that we stained. My husband used a router to make the edges nice and pretty! Then we started on the shelves…

This was a PAIN IN THE BUTT!! The wood was not level and of course neither were the walls! But we got it done!


We then used 1″x2″s to trim all around the front to give it a thicker look.BookShelves10BookShelves11

And finally, crown molding, paint, and hardware!! They are so beautiful to me! My husband finds everything wrong with them but that’s just because he built them. The whole process took about 4 weeks. We took breaks and did it as my husband had time off work. (And yes, our TV is crooked haha!). Hope you like them!BookShelves12




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