Diaper In Your Laundry Mess


So in a rush to get everything organized for our trip back home, I had mom brain and accidentally washed a disposable diaper with my daughter’s laundry. When I opened the washing machine and saw the gel-like mess everywhere I wanted to SCREAM! I figured it was punishment for giving up on cloth diapering, ha!


Here’s what you do if you find yourself in the same predicament. (Side note–I have a front load washer and dryer so this is what I did for mine.) 

  1. Pull all the clothes out and shake off as much of the diaper gel as you can. I did this in my bathtub. 
  2. Throw the clothes in the dryer. The dryer will dry all the gel. It makes a TON of lint so I suggest clearing out the lint filter after about 20 minutes of drying. 
  3. Leave your washing machine open and let the gel dry out a little bit. Then I vacuumed it out and wiped out what was left.
  4. Run a rinse cycle on the washing machine. 
  5. Once the clothes are all dry and the washing machine is cleaned out, re-wash and dry the clothes. They actually turned out pretty good except for a little lint left on some of the clingy items.
  6. All the gel that was in my bathtub from shaking out the clothes eventually dried up and I vacuumed that out as well.

All in all it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Here’s hoping you don’t have mom brain and won’t have to deal with this! 



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