December Favorites

Its been a while since I’ve posted about the things I’ve been loving, and it seems like there are so many things lately–so here’s a long over due favorite things post! 

Christmas Advent Devotional-So we are only 3 days into this Christmas devotional and I’ll be beyond impressed if we can do this everyday, or make it past day 7–but so far my kids are really liking it. The introduction is written so beautifully and also comically for parents. It’s a gentle reminder that the devotional isn’t meant to get you brownie points with God, or make you and your family start a tradition that just becomes a burden and stressful.  With wise words the authors say, “Let it serve you and your family; don’t serve it.” Maybe we’ll do it everyday or maybe forget and also just do it a handful of times–either way I love the way it’s laid out and the words written within!


Stuffed Acorn Squash- This is a Skinnytaste recipe that I recently found on Instagram that is hands down one of our favorite dinner recipes now. I have made this almost every other week since I discovered it and it’s so so so delicious. At first, the combination of squash with a turkey chili seemed kind of odd to me- but the flavors go together so nicely. Also this meal is low cal and very filling. We always have leftovers that heat up really well. Try it-I promise you’ll be impressed. 


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Can of Sangria-Now I know this will lead you to believe that I’m super classy (jk) but I’ve been really liking my wine in a can lately, lol. This flipflop Fizzy Sangria is so tasty. I usually get it at Kroger for a great deal and it is one of our favorite sangrias now–with the perfect amount of fizz!048b359e-6305-480a-bef2-9451d6c1cbed_1.e7e0e76b143033deb88a51cc108b34b4

Athleta pants– I’ve been a huge fan of Athleta for a while now but the prices are a little high for my liking typically. As a birthday present though I used a gift card and let myself splurge on a new pair of skinny jeans (I got them in the grey wash.) They are now the most comfortable pair of jeans I own! They stretch easily and are made of a really nice and soft material. They also have tall sizes at Athleta which is another reason why I love their clothing. 


Norwex body cloth– Some of my friends have had a few Norwex Facebook parties and over the years I’ve tried their different cleaning cloths and really like them. If you haven’t heard of Norwex is, its definitely something to look in to–especially if you are trying to limit chemicals in your home or want to save money on cleaning supplies. Anyways, the most recent product I received was a body cloth. With just warm water, I’ve been using the cloth at night to clean my face and take off my make-up. It works so well! Eliminating the strong make-up removers that have always left my face a little irritated and using the cloth with only warm water makes my face feel perfectly clean. eb831adcc7e3458e2f6fd16749fcda4db550418a

Amazon Music-I’m probably behind with this favorite thing, but I recently just started using Amazon Music and I’m in love. After trying a free trial of Apple Music I thought I’d be disappointed to switch and try Amazon–but I was wrong. The music selection is just as good and the price is definitely lower. The kids are really liking the different stations you can play like, “Holidays for Kids” and “Disney Favorites.” And I like being able to add and download songs to a playlist while I go on a run or am driving in the car.  IMG-7294

Bridgewater Sweet Grace Candle- This is my absolute favorite candle of all time, and if you know about my love for candles or as my husband likes to call it, “my candle habit” then you know that I have a lot of candles to choose from. I also love that each candle sold by Bridgewater provides 3 meals for orphans overseas through the Light-A-Candle-Feed-A-Child-Program. This candle smells so amazing and I would burn it everyday if I had a life-time supply!  


Goodreads- This is another thing that a lot of people are probably already using and loving, but its also surprising the number of people I’ve talked to who don’t know about Goodreads and love to read and get good book recommendations. This year has been a fun year for me to get back into reading for enjoyment and I love using the Goodreads app. For me, my favorite thing about it is keeping track of what I want to read (instead of keeping a paper list) and also seeing what my friends are reading and loving. Goodreads also recommends books you might like and does giveaways for free books that they know are on your want to read list. I love this app! 


Tea tree shampooFor someone with a dry and itchy scalp, this shampoo has changed my hair and skin drastically in just a few uses. Having sensitive skin, I can see a remarkable difference and also I like that tea tree oil has a lot of other beneficial qualities–for hair thinning and lice prevention. (In our house we all use lice prevention hair products since we get frequent notifications about it being present in the kids’ schools–ugh!)


Hope your December is off to a great start!



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  1. Barbara Smith says:

    Thank you for all of your favorites! I’ve pinned the turkey stuffed squash to my “good food” file. Someday, I’m going to make all of my pins! So, just to clarify for the over 60 crowd, is the Goodreads app on the iphone? It sounds really good. Thanks for keeping me in the 2000’s loop!

    • admin says:

      Try the squash—it’s so delicious!! And yes Goodreads is an app on your phone/iPad, but you can also login on a laptop/computer too!

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