De-cluttering Christmas

One thing I tend to be guilty of around the holidays is over-complicating “traditions” or trying to start too many new ones. I’m the type of girl that when I see an idea I like—I jump on board pretty quickly. This can be a little risky since we live in an age where I can scroll through tons of ideas in literally no time. And also, where I start a project and then never finish it (x10), whoops!

There are so many good ideas out there for kids around Christmas time, that I usually let myself pin, download or copy most of them in order to make sure this time of the year “feels special.”


The girl on the left, is cheesin’ hard, lol!

Obviously this isn’t a wise path that I’ve walk down, and as I’m embarrassingly admitting that my mind has 20 plus “perfect” Christmas ideas for the kids this holiday season…I slow my thoughts—and pump the breaks.

Please someone, come preach to me the meaning of Christmas every single morning. I’m half joking, but kind of half serious….

Some people can beautifully balance the holiday season so well. They are super creative and also extremely gifted in the area of Christmas. I think what I’ve come to realize, at least about myself though—is I need to de-clutter Christmas this year.

This season, I’ve been focusing less on the perfect plans/gifts and crafts and more on these things:

Reading the Word.

In the midst of the selling our house, prepping for the holidays and flying solo with the kids most of the time, reading my bible chronologically, in a year, is a desire. Its actually kind of fitting at this time of the year to be reading from it the beginning. To see how God works in imperfect people’s lives. How He chooses the unlikely. How they have doubt issues. How He rescues them anyways. Sounds pretty accurate in my life. (Honest moment—I’m like 8 days behind…but determined to catch up and keep going!)  unnamed


Looking less.

This isn’t my quote but Theodore Roosevelt’s: “comparison is the thief of joy.”  This really rings true around this time of year. Do I really need to be looking online for so many decorating ideas? So many crafts? Or advent activities? I’ve started to look less. Keep my phone at a distance. And the key is—be happy with what we have in our home and what is special just for us.



Angie got our kids a Little People Nativity. So special, and also not at all breakable (haha), so the kids can play and become familiar with the story at a young age.

Spending Time.

With the busyness of the season, I’ve tried to have more hugs, read more books, sing more songs and intentionally stop to look at all the pretty Christmas lights with my little ones. We have our traditions, and maybe since my kids are getting a little older we’ll add a few more. But these new ideas will be things that allow us just to spend more time together. I’m thinking cookie decorating and maybe a fun trip for hot chocolate in our pjs are the few things we could add to our list?!


Hope your Christmas season is off to a good start!



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