Day in the Life of a One Year Old!


So this post may not be that exciting to some of you, but I wanted to share some activities in my daughter’s day and her typical schedule. This is just her general schedule. On days when we have bible study or decide to do something as a family, we are flexible and move things around.

(Also, sometimes when I see other people’s schedules for their kids it makes me STRESSED OUT! I don’t want that to happen with you! I’ve learned that a routine and schedule are great for kids, however, the schedule has to work with the parents’ day! )

Between 7-8am: Wake up and have 6oz whole milk from sippy cup (she wants this FIRST THING! Thankfully we have transitioned away from bottles and are using sippy cups!)

8-8:30am: Plays with toys while I get breakfast ready for the both of us

8:30-8:45am: Breakfast (usually some oatmeal, maybe a little yogurt, some puffs or cheerios, and dried fruit)

9:15am: Take the dogs on a walk (this depends on if my husband has already done it before work or not) Otherwise she plays some more.


9:30am: Pack-n-Play Time (this is new!) Liz got me hooked on the Growing Kids God’s Way parenting books. One thing the book suggests is to built in alone time for your child to self-play and focus on only a few toys. I should have started this months ago, but oh well! I set up her pack in play in our makeshift junk/playroom. I turn on the iPad with some fun music and let her play alone. I set a timer (currently we are just doing 7 minutes and I will increase it little by little each week.) When it goes off, I take it into the room, let her know pack-n-play time is over, and then we have a big celebration! (I clap and praise her A LOT haha! Small Steps!!)


10:30-11:30am: Morning nap. She is still taking a morning nap, however, I don’t let her sleep more than an hour otherwise she doesn’t want to sleep in the afternoon!

Some days we skip the morning nap to doing something fun like go to the park!


11:30am-12pm: Lunch (depends on what she wants— cut up bananas, strawberries, cheese, bites of a peanut butter sandwich and some of what I am eating)

12:15pm-1:45pm: We usually play, run some errands, or do whatever. I give her a 5oz sippy cup of milk around 1pm.

2pm-4pm: Afternoon nap. During this nap, I wait for her to wake up on her own— but I don’t let her sleep past 4:30pm. 

4:15pm: Afternoon snack. (Snacky foods like: cheddar bunnies, fruit, yogurt bites, sippy cup of water, etc)

After snack we usually run errands again, or play, or hang out at Liz’s! 


5:15-5:30pm: Another 5 oz of whole milk from her sippy cup.

5:45/6pm: Dinner. Again, whatever I have in the fridge cut into little pieces. She still likes the squeezable baby foods of fruits and veggies. 

6:45pm: Take the dogs on a walk


7:30pm: Bath time (her favorite!)


8pm: 5oz of whole milk then down for bed around 8:15pm!

Then it starts all over again! We change it up and try to do fun things. We all went to the lake last Saturday and had a blast—our little one loves the water!




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  1. Hope Luka says:

    This sounds a lot like Lula’s day! We need to get our one year olds together sometime for a play date.

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