blog3Today marks one year of our blogging adventure! This truly has been a blessing and without Liz’s encouragement to try entering in to the blogging world, we wouldn’t be here. So, I’m super thankful to her (Liz) for pushing us forward!

If anything, blogging is an outlet for the two of us, and a way to express what we are feeling in the moments, whether good an bad. Our own little online journal! We hope you have enjoyed our candid posts and transparency, along with all the fun stuff that has been going on in our lives this past year. (We try to be silly, but its mostly awkward–see below, lol!)


We hope we have encouraged some of you through our blog!

We plan on continuing this journey and don’t know where it will go or what it will look like in the future, but for now we’re just enjoying it all!

So, THANK YOU for all your support and all who have read!!

After the holidays we plan to do another   G I V E A W A Y   to celebrate our first year of blogging! Keep your eyes open for a post and keep reading!

Again thanks everyone!



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