“Big” Girl Toddler Room

Like I said last week, I wanted to share some photos of our daughter’s new “big” girl room. We moved her out of the nursery since it’s already gender neutral and ready to go for this new little one (who will hopefully make his/her appearance any day now!!)

I definitely went to town on the girliness of this room because I didn’t get to do anything girly for her baby room–so I let myself have fun! The initial inspiration  for her room started with the floral wall decals I found on a site called Urban Walls! This was my one splurge. We really didn’t spend much on anything else and I waited for a 20% off coupon before I ordered! [Check out this company on Instagram–but be careful you will become addicted to their stuff!!]


Once I found the coral and green floral wall decals I went from there! I added some Target blackout curtains and one of their Threshold rugs. I already had a dresser so no money spent there! The night stand is a little Target storage cubby box I got on sale, perfect for books and her awesome Cuddle+Kind stuffed animals (they give 10 meals to children in need for every doll purchased!) 


All the other odds and ends are from Home Goods, Hobby Lobby, or Target. The gallery wall was fun and of course my husband had to add his own touches, lol!! My daughter actually really does like the Hulk and Rocket Racoon…again my husband’s doing! One of my former students/cheerleaders made the little round wooden plaque with our favorite Harry Potter quote: 



Finally, the bed was our biggest project and headache! I went back and forth between buying another crib or attempting to build a toddler bed. I wasn’t ready for a twin bed quite yet but I found a full sized head board on a garage sale site (for $20!) and decided I would go from there! My husband built the base and I came up with the sides.


The bed actually could fit a regular toddler crib rail, but I wanted the slats to cover more of the bed so I built my own! I decided on a fun color (Valspar Radiance Nautical Spray Paint) because again I just figured why not!



And voila! It’s not perfect…you can definitely see imperfections up close but I love it and so does she! She has climbed out at night a few times and we have to tell her to get back in bed, but overall she stays in bed like she is supposed to and waits for her OK! to Wake Clock.


I love Elaina’s new “big girl” room and would totally have it be my own room if my husband would let me haha! I’m sure as she gets older she will want to add her own touches-but for now it’s pretty perfect for her! 

Happy Decorating!


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  1. Melissa says:

    Looks so cute, Great job!

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