Beautiful Words [that are non-political]

Yikes, this week has been a mess on social media. I’m basically avoiding it to be honest. And as I was contemplating how to make a post or what to even spew about this week, I’ve come to a standstill. It’s hard to imagine talking over top of everything going on. So I won’t speak to that.

Instead I’ll lay these words here. Words that are beautiful. Words that let me exhale about our current situation (personally and nationally.) Read below…

My blogging partner in crime and sweet friend Angie, had this amazing wooden sign made for me on my birthday. While she was surfing Instagram a while back, she came across the quote above in a picture and knew she had to have it—for me and her, lol.

{Sidenote—have you read our “Twinning in your 30’s post?! We not only own some of the same clothing, but also home décor, haha!}

I love this sign and more than anything—love these words.

She contacted her sister’s friend Em, who makes beautiful wooden signs and has done other work for Angie before. The final product came out so beautiful! You can find Em on her new Etsy shop, AmericanGemDesignCo and also follow her work on Instagram here. Below is the other awesome wooden sign Angie has in her house, created by Em. sign

Also, while we are on the topic of signs, I have one more to share…

For my 31st birthday a few weeks ago, I plainly asked my husband to get me something thoughtful. Nothing that had to be expensive or over the top. Just something that showed me he cared, and was thinking of me.

He totally got the job done, when this pretty sign came in the mail. If you follow me on Snapchat or know my girls, then you are aware that we usually have a nightly dance party. This sign is so true for our little family. Our kitchen is full of dress-up clothes, princess music and awesome dance moves most nights.kitchen2

In the midst of a pretty negative week, I’m still thankful.

Thankful for everlasting grace. And thankful for lots of dance parties in the kitchen.

What are you thankful for? Heck, it’s almost Thanksgiving!




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