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basketstorageideasWhen you visit my house, one common item you will find in each and every room is a BASKET. I feel like one of the ways we clean-up or stay organized in this house is by having baskets full o’stuff. My husband, however, would use another “S” word to describe this stuff…and I literally have to watch the trash every day because it seems his way of cleaning is by placing things in the garbage.

Below are ways we use baskets to tidy up & not trip over everything all day long—

Our bookshelves— This bookshelf we purchased from IKEA when we first got married and it has become one of our favorite pieces of furniture. The bottom 3 rows are baskets we use to store our kids toys, puzzles, dvds, and hair accessories in the play room/dining room. We can fit so much STUFF in this bookshelf and it looks nice when everything is put away. 


Specific toys—These baskets are also found throughout our playroom and family room. With a baby, I try to keep individual toys just for her in some of these baskets. Its nice because I can move them from room to room when I’m making dinner or doing other chores around the house. 


Diaper Station–These baskets have been a way to keep things separate while having 2 kids in diapers for the last year. Each girl has their own diaper basket, which is easier for me to keeps tabs on when they run low. The center basket has all of the diaper creams, lotions, and other accessories I am usually in a rush to find while changing their pants. I have been using this basket system from the beginning of the diaper phase and it has worked really well. 



Remotes–Having been through the daily headache of searching for the remotes, we now have our own basket just for that. The basket is small and stays by the T.V.. Its also nice because in general everyone in our house knows where all of the remotes belong and where they should stay….like out of our toddlers hands!

Under the bathroom sink–
Thanks to my mom, I am WAY more organized under my bathroom sinks. From the random stuff that I never know where to put (ex: candles you see in the picture) to the hand towels that I like to change frequently, these baskets keep everything in its own place. 


Shoes–We keep 2 baskets in our laundry room for shoe storage, and so far this system has worked the best. My kids have a hard time putting their shoes on a rack and they seem to get the hang of taking their shoes off and just dropping them somewhere. These baskets are nice because they keep the shoes off the ground but still allow my kids to drop them off right after they get in the door.



The “in-between” clothes–Angie gave me this next idea. My husband is known to wear clothes and then claim he wants to wear them again…meaning, not fold them or place them in the laundry. For a while most of his not so clean yet not so dirty clothes just made a home on our bedroom floor. This obviously wasn’t my favorite thing. So now we have baskets for  “in-between clothes” that we could wear again and aren’t ready to be washed. The baskets keep the clothes off the ground and also look pretty neutral in our bedroom. 



Special books–We have a million books in our house that get tossed around, but we try to set aside the special or new books to read in our book basket. Especially with holiday books, this basket keeps things little more organized and helps us set aside a few out of the million books we own.


Outside toys–I am nowhere close to having a clean or well organized garage, but these baskets are a step in the right direction—plus they are super durable, light weight and hold a ton of toys. I found them online at the Container Store. They keep all of the kids stuff in one spot and look tidy on the shelves.


What are some helpful ways baskets work in your home?

I’m guessing that I’m only skimming the surface when it comes to using baskets for storage—but hopefully some of these ideas work for you!






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  1. Incredible storage ideas! I like everything you mentioned and al the ways to store my stuff appropriately. There is nothing better than well organized home. Thanks for sharing!!

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