Austen Obsession


With the cold weather, (yes it’s been cold in GA—it even snowed this weekend!) I have been watching a lot of TV. I don’t usually do this, but when my hubby is at work and the babe is in bed… it’s kind of my guilty pleasure.

I’m obsessed with period pieces, specifically Jane Austen movies

I can’t really put my finger on it but there is something I love about a simpler time. When chivalry still existed. When marriages seemed lasting!

Anyways, I wanted to share my favorite Jane Austen inspired movies with you. Most of these are on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video right now!

Below I also included the trailers. When you need to cozy up and enjoy a good movie (one without all of the dirty language/humor we are bombarded with today) check these out!

Pride & Prejudice (1995 TV mini series with Colin Firth & Jennifer Ehle) Currently on Amazon Prime Video (Pride & Prejudice Trailer)


Pride and Prejudice (2005 movie starring Keira Knightly & Matthew Macfadyn) Currently on Netflix (Pride and Prejudice Trailer)


Sense and Sensibility (1995 movie starring Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant) (Sense and Sensibility Trailer)


Mansfield Park (1999 movie starring Frances O’Connor) Currently on Netflix & Amazon Prime Video (Mansfield Park Trailer)


Emma (1996 movie starring Gwyneth Paltrow & Ewen McGregor) (Emma Trailer)


Becoming Jane (2007 movie starring Anne Hathaway & James McAvoy) (Becoming Jane Trailer)


Austenland (2013 movie starring Keri Russell & Jennifer Coolidge) …This is seriously my go-to romantic comedy. It is so funny and if you need a fun pick-me-up, this is it!! I can watch this movie once a week and not get sick of it! I bought this movie for Liz and my sister and they both love it too!! (Austenland Trailer)





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