Are you “Fit-ish?”

shoesWhile my time at home has been rich and filled with many of the faces that I adore, ya know what has been down-right awful here? My eating and exercise routine.

Its been a challenge to really have a set “routine.” And with lots of fun activities planned and people to see, the girls and I are all over the place.

Typically, my kids follow some sort of daily schedule—which I really believe in. But while we are home, that’s nearly impossible. We’ve been loving our trip though and wouldn’t want this time spent any other way.  girls

So again, since we have fallen into “vacation mode,” many of my daily habits have hit the back-burner. Does this happen to you? 

I’m definitely not a diet and exercise fanatic, but I have come to appreciate (at my own pace) the combination of healthy eating and physical activity. While talking to a friend a few weeks ago I described myself as the girl who should wear those “fit-ish” shirts. Have you seen them floating around? Semi-fit; Kind of fit; Someone who likes the idea of being fit but equally likes food.

That’s totally me, lol!fitish shirt

So without my daily workouts that I’m normally doing at the gym, I did a little something different the other day. I ordered my first workout DVD from Amazon that happens to be a dance/cardio workout. Tracy Anderson Method- Dance/Cardio Workout. You guys—I LOVE IT!!

Yesterday, I woke up about 45 minutes before my kids (a small victory) and put on the DVD. I “learned” two different combinations and technically didn’t even make it to the “workout” part, lol! The DVD teaches you 8 dance combinations first before you put them all together and “perform” or do them straight in the workout session.dancedvd

If you use to be a dancer like me, or just love dancing—you have try this! Its hard, but again really fun! I was sweating just learning and repeating the 2 combinations yesterday. And again, I didn’t even make it to the real workout at the end! It will be a process, and that’s ok! I’ll have fun using this DVD for the next week or so and then when I’m home.

Even though I love my sleep, its a small motivation to get my day going, when I know I’ll have fun doing my workout! The day is so much better too when you start it right by being active!

What are some ways you maintain healthy eating and workout habits when you are traveling/away from home? The more tips the better!



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