April Favorites

It’s time for another edition of my monthly favorites! With selling our house and my brain basically a bowl of mush, all I can really form into sentences for now is the stuff I’m really loving and think you all would love too!


I’ve been heading over to the Pioneer Woman website a lot lately for recipe ideas. At the moment, I’m in love with her peanut butter pie! I’ve made this dessert twice in the last month. (…And I’ve been known to eat it in the mornings with my coffee too, yikes, it’s so good!)  The ingredients are simple and inexpensive. I mentioned this dessert idea to my sister after making it—and come to find out, she’s made it 3 times now. It’s a winner—for sure!


(Photo credit-Food Network) 

I’ve also found myself in a post-Easter dinner situation with lots of leftover baked potatoes. With the help of my sister-in-law and the Pioneer Woman, I’ve made a few batches of twice baked potatoes and they’ve been a huge hit! So delicious—especially hitting the spot for my prego friend down the street too—love you Ang!


(Photo credit- Food Network) 

I saw a Facebook video for ways to make kid-friendly slime the other day and it looked easy! I had all the ingredients for it and my kids are huge fans of any silly putty or sticky toy things! (Caution though—my 5 year-old had to have silly putty and gum cut out of her hair a few weeks ago—play it safe with hair up if you have girls with longer hair!!)  


I’ve been using a new curling iron lately that I’m so happy with! Its seriously one of my all time favorite things!! I received the Beachwaver as a gift and used it a great deal on the vacation that my husband and I took in March with friends. Believe it or not, it does all the curling for you!  I’ve done other people’s hair with it too—and they’ve really liked how it works! (Sidenote—I’ve realized using a curling iron is almost faster than straightening my hair now—anything that can help me get ready faster, is a winner for me!)


Over the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been doing BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) and have loved getting deeper into The Word and also being a part of something that my kids really learn and benefit from as well. This year we’ve been studying the book of John–and especially this month, I’ve been in awe and almost taken aback by the loving and life-giving Jesus that is in my life. Thanks in part to this study, I’ve grown closer and also feel like I understand so much more about Jesus. Fully human and fully God–it’s the most beautiful demonstration that God has given to me about Himself. Check out this video below from the BSF website about the book of John. Also BSF is basically everywhere–if you are looking for something to get involved in, grow deeper in the Word and like the idea of meeting with others too-check out their website!


I’m pretty horrible at having a good breakfast routine. I like something healthy and fast, but don’t have the energy or patience every morning to make myself an egg or clean a messy blender. I’ve been drinking these Choboni Smoothies while I drive my daughter to school and I really like them. They are obviously drinkable (so I don’t need a spoon in the car, lol), pretty filling and really get the job done until I need a snack later in the morning.


I binge watched the show Big Little Lies on HBO over the last week or so. It was intense but also super intriguing—mystery, drama, and suspense are all wrapped in this mini-series based on the novel by Liane Moriarty. The cast is excellent and the story about these California women, their children, their secrets and a murder that connects them, is really good!


I also read pretty quickly through a young adult book series over the last month called the The Selection Series, by Kiera Cass. If you are sucker like me and love the reality show the Bachelor and also enjoy other YA books, this would be a great, light-hearted series for you!


What were some of your favorites this month??



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