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In the midst of the holiday season and staying on top of just “normal life” activities, I’ve realized that my oldest daughter, who is now 5, doesn’t have a lot of structure outside of her school day– before she leaves and after she gets home. I’m a newbie at parenting a school-aged child, and thankfully Macey-my daughter, is more than willing to be my Guinea pig with new strategies or activities I find.

A few things about my big girl, Macey- she is definitely smart enough, ready and more than willing to have daily responsibilities or some kind of chore chart. Truly, it fits her personality to follow steps and participate in structured activities—she really thrives in these situations. I, on the other hand as the parent—have a hard time organizing it all for her and truthfully, my mind is overwhelmed when I see all of the responsibility charts and checklists I can make using Pinterest.  (If you have little ones and are like me, then you know that scrolling on Pinterest can be a dangerous thing—basically a rabbit hole of awesome yet sometimes lofty ideas.)


Through the help of my big sister though, I was introduced to a new product that has come to be a great solution for us- An Apple A Day, Children’s Responsibility Tracker.



The idea is simple– which I love.

“Start each week by opening all the doors. Each open door reveals an icon representing a daily task for your child. As your child completes the task, close the appropriate door. Your child’s goal is to close all of the doors by the end of the week. Simple, fun & effective.”

We’ve been using the responsibility tracker for a few weeks now, and I can say that it has been a huge help before and after school. Macey really enjoys it and takes pride in “closing” the doors on the chart each day. The tracker is a simple tool that isn’t over-complicated with too many tasks. The goals are achievable, and in all reality– it’s something we can get done each day.


Macey looks at the magnetic tracker on our fridge, and is reminded to make her bed, brush her teeth, clean up around the house, do her homework, and then complete her “wild card” door.

We’ve had fun with the “wild card” door. For us, we mix up what that door is each day. Sometimes, Macey chooses what her extra responsibility should be, like cleaning out her backpack. Other times I ask her to do something like help her sisters play a puzzle or pick out pajamas for everyone.


Again, I really like this tracker because it’s simple. It’s a great way to slowly get your kids involved around the house, and they think it’s fun in the process!

Also if you are looking for more than just a responsibility chart, An Apple A Day also has a Healthy Choices tracker to point your child on a path towards eating right and staying active. (I plan on starting the Healthy Choices tracker with Macey and also my 3 year old after the holidays!)


These trackers would be a good way to have a strong start to the New Year with your little ones. I’d definitely check out these helpful tools!



(I did not receive compensation of any kind from An Apple A Day for this post. All opinions are my own.)

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