A few Friday thoughts

This week my daughter came home with her weekly homework folder and the new assignment to complete an Acts of Kindness calendar. Each day she is supposed to choose one act of kindness and log what she did on her calendar. She was given a list of 100 different kid ideas ranging from: holding the door open for someone, picking up litter, telling a joke, or volunteering in a soup kitchen.


At first, I thought this “homework” was a little odd. Definitely different from math facts and reading assignments. But then I came to realize, how much I actually loved the homework idea. And what a great way to look at the year ahead.

I had a friend once say that people can never get too many compliments. We often say the negative things before the positive. She put it this way—“If you are thinking something nice, say it.” “If you love someone’s hair, tell them, instead of wishing yours was like that, or letting jealousy creep in.”  A kind word, or simple act goes a long way and it usually makes someone’s day. These words have stuck with me and always will.

If there’s one thing I actually want my first grader to learn, it’s that the little things count. and kindness matters. That small steps can end up making big strides. Serving others is an act of love and small things can make a big difference.


Lately, my husband and I have been exhaustively deliberating over our future. The big job. And honestly, it’s been a draining process—for both of us. After being several days or weeks into this, I have noticed that I think part of the exhaustion for me is all the “attention” or focus I am giving myself. All my brain power has basically been centered on one thing that’s all about me, and I feel like I’ve been frozen.  

And then thankfully this morning, I remembered Macey’s homework. There are little things to be done, even in the midst of uncertainty. And lots of good things are going on around me that I should be thankful and excited about. A huge shout out here to Angie and the safe return of her husband coming home this week from his deployment. My heart could literally burst for them. We love you guys and are so happy for your family!


(Not our finest picture-but the shirts are just too good not to share with y’all!)


One of my favorite lyrics in a song I’m loving lately is, “You are my best thought by day or by night”  and when I think of the Lord and where he has brought us, the peace He gives that no one else can, and the acts of love and kindness that can be done in His name–my heart swells and feels like its really beating again. He’s my best thought, through it all. (song here)

If you want some first grade homework lol, what’s a small act of kindness you could do today? A small kindness which could probably make someone’s day along with yours better!

Happy Friday friends!



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