A Different Date

image-3-1024x768With 3 little girlies, a very small handful of babysitters, and a resident schedule and salary, my husband and I only get around to date nights every so often. We know “date night” is important and necessary for our sanity and marriage though.

Date night is usually dinner out, followed by some classic Netflix binge watching. We love and appreciate our date nights, but it is also fun to try new things.

Again we are somewhat limited with our current life situation and sometimes it’s easier to have date nights at home. Without them being too boring or the same old thing, I started doing some research.

With the combination of my new love of monthly “box” subscriptions (which I’ve talked about in previous posts) and an easy way to spice up date night (even at home), I stumbled upon a little different “date night” idea.


“A monthly subscription that helps grow your relationship and delivers a box packed with fun, creative and unique date nights to your door.”

The DATEBOX has a motto- “Your relationship matters”

I signed us up for a 3 month subscription as a Christmas gift to ourselves.image-4-1024x768

Its been fun.

Each month is a different box, with a different theme. It’s hard to predict if you’ll like the box or not, but one thing I have come to appreciate is the date ideas are DIFFERENT than what we normally would do. It helps us come out of our shells a little bit, and keeps us from asking each other a million times, “what do you want to do tonight?”

I will say, when you open the box, some of the ideas seem hokey. But that almost makes it more fun.

I just received this month’s box (our last box), and its all about creativity and detail. The date has us baking and painting together!! Something my husband and I would NEVER choose to do typically. The dates kinda force you (in a good way) to try it all—and just have fun in the process.


Each box also comes with a little conversation starter and booklet about the box’s theme. The booklets are usually authored by married couples who have written books and have experience in the marriage world.image-1024x768


Anyways—I haven’t shown my husband whats in this month’s box. I’m guessing he’ll show a touch of resistance to baking cake pops and painting a canvas! But I’ll get him into it and we’ll ultimately be doing something good for our relationship–something that is just for us.


Again, its nice to have a date already planned without a lot of thought or debate. Also, the cost of the box is easily what you would spend on dinner out to eat!

Check it out, if you are interested in a different date night experience!



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