A $1 Idea for Kids

A quick post about something awesome for kids that literally costs $1.00.

My mom came across these Color and Play coloring books at the Dollar Store a few months ago, and they have been a hit in our house. These coloring books take coloring to a new level—and my kids love it!1

Kinsey (also Doc McStuffins for the moment, lol) helped me with this post below!

Find a picture in the Color and Play book that has a special “star frame” on the outside. 2


Color the picture with your crayons/markers. (I would suggest pressing harder than normal to make the picture as bright as possible.)



When your picture is colored, open the FREE “Disney Color and Play” App on your phone or tablet.



Follow the app instructions to choose your specific type of coloring book and character.



Line up your phone with your coloring page—and watch your picture come to life! This is the cool part! See Kinsey playing with the coloring book and app in the next 2 videos…

Color and Play Coloring Book 2 from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

Color and Play Coloring Book from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

As best as it can, the app matches your colors and strokes on the coloring page to match what’s in front of you on the screen. Usually the characters do a fun dance or trick on your screen too.

Both of my girls have LOVED this coloring book and app combination. It spices up the regularity of coloring and also has kept my kids much more entertained/surprised/excited.

You can’t beat that kind of entertainment for $1.00! 

If you are thinking about Christmas gifts already for little ones or need a mid-week pick-me activity in your house—run to the Dollar Store and grab these. Your kids will love it!



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