5 gifts for your wife that won’t disappoint


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Looking for something to get your lady this Christmas? I’m not a sales person but below are some of my favorite things that are practical and sentimental. These range in price and could be great under the tree for the woman you love.


1. Neato Botvac D85– I am obsessed with this vacuum. I know it basically costs a small fortune but I promise it is definitely worth it. As a mom of 3 girls who is constantly picking up after everyone, this vacuum is like a gift that keeps on giving….since it vacuums for me everyday. Its user friendly, maneuvers/cleans around our house really well and has a programed cleaning schedule. You might not think its necessary, but if your girl loves a clean house…she’ll love
(and maybe you’ll love too) one less chore! Take the plunge and buy this! (Try using a 20% off coupon at Bed Bath and Beyond and it should bring down the price some!)

2. Canon Powershot S110–This camera is on my personal Christmas list this year. I’m so bad about taking photos of my kids on a camera….are you? My phone is the primary device I use. However, if and when I ever get around to saving or printing my photos, they never look as good as I want. This camera comes highly recommended from one of my best friends who is a professional photographer. ALSO ITS WIFI ENABLED! So that changes everything!!!! Without hooking up your camera to the computer or taking out the memory card, photos can be transferred over WIFI to your phone, tablet or computer. This will eliminate a step and make your pictures of the kiddos even more perfect than they already are.

3. PopSugar Must Have Box– This is just fun and full of surprises. I got this for my birthday and it was awesome to open. You can order your special someone this box once or sign her up for a subscription each month. Each box is different so its hard to say what you’ll get…but you can assume it will be fun and girly. Check it out!

4. AirBake Baking Sheets– This will forever change the cookies and/or goodies you make for the better. Basically the “air” inside these pans prevents food burning and keeps everything soft and always delicious. Seriously you’ll notice a difference. I’ve had so many friends ask what I do special when I bake cookies– and the answer is the baking sheets!

5. Personalized Jewelry– This is broad and the options are endless. Checkout Esty for some really beautiful jewelry ideas. I have really cherished the jewelry with my kids names engraved on it. Personalization doesn’t have to be just a kid thing too. Anniversary dates, initials, birthstone colors or even a special symbol could be a meaningful touch to your love’s Christmas gift this year.

Happy shopping fellas!




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