4 Things I’m Quitting Today

Hitting snooze—I feel like there are two types of people. People who hit snooze and people who don’t. I happen to be a “hitter” while my husband is not. My endless alarm drives him nuts, and “snoozing” is actually a bad habit I’ve had for forever. I gotta break this. When I was teaching, I “snoozed” and now with my kids I still “snooze.” I have great intentions every morning of waking up early and setting the pace of my own day, on my own terms, before the circus (my children) arise. But usually, I snooze the way through the beginning of my day and life is messy–mentally & physically. The fresh start for my heart and house, falls behind. Dishes, lunches, laundry and most importantly, time in God’s Word, all get pushed back when I hit snooze. It makes a drastic difference having that alone time in the morning. I’m determined to break this “snoozing situation,” I’ve been in for years.



Eating cookies for breakfast— This sounds silly, but this is another bad habit I have. I always have coffee in the morning, but when I start the day with coffee and a cookie…the day spirals down from there. In my mind, “if I’ve eaten an Oreo at 7:30am, then I might as well throw in the towel for the day.” My sweet tooth and love for a cookie with my coffee needs to be tamed. Fast. Alright, maybe it’s ok for special occasions right?!



Rushing quality time— I do this and don’t really realize it. Basically, I rush through some of the most important pieces of my day—reading, school stories, sibling sharing, cuddles, laughs, encouragement, etc. I do this with my kids, my spouse and my relationship with the Lord—but I don’t know what or why I’m rushing! At the end of the day, I usually play back everything and wish I would’ve done it better or different–been a little less distracted. I desire to be present. And the people that mean the most to me deserve my whole self….not the rushed or distracted version of me.



Constant feeds and the phone—I know I’m not alone in this one. This also goes hand in hand with rushing quality time. No regular social media feed, email or text message is so important that it can’t wait. I need to “airplane mode” my phone more often or frankly just turn it off during parts of my day (unplug!) In the past, I have gone through phases where I am really intentional about putting my phone down. I am really good about it for like 3 days and then I’m back to my old ways.

I know now though, that it’s healthy and necessary for me to set some boundaries with this habit–just like with any other thing that takes up time in my life! Sometimes, when I am checking the “feeds” of the world, I can’t help but be convicted by these thoughts–What am I modeling for my kids? Do I really have the time to be on my phone (in Crazy-ville…aka my house?) Is this mindless? Is this stealing joy or causing me to compare my life to others?

So with all of that— I plan on quitting the “constant checking” and instead, building in some boundaries throughout my day to help me kick this habit. Life is too short to be staring down all day right?!


Not like any of us need another to-do list, but is there anything you need to quit, take off your plate or habits that should be kicked??



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  1. Katie Groves says:

    Absolutely guilty of snoozing and the phone! Snoozing is the worst.

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