4 easy ways to mix up the day with your kids


As a teacher and now stay at home mom, I’ve learned that mixing up even the smallest things in your daily routine, make a huge and positive difference…especially when activities start to feel boring or when you feel in a rut. These ideas below require little to no prep and can change the tone of the morning or afternoon for your little ones.  

1. Eat a snack on a fun napkin–This seems silly because it is so simple, but its magical for my daughter. Spicing up the napkins at your table, or even your location for a daytime snack could make it more fun!


2. Paint nails–Let them pick the color(s). My daughter thinks it’s hilarious and so much fun when we paint her nails 10 different colors in the middle of the afternoon. nail-varnish-944857_1280

3. Blow up a balloon–Balloons are usually around only when we celebrate someone’s birthday. Be silly and blow one up randomly. Play “don’t touch the ground,” “toss,” “volleyball,”  “big belly,” etc. Your little one will think this simple activity is entertaining and special.chair-731171_1920

4. Make a dubsmash video–Download the dubsmash app on your phone (free). Browse through the categories or search a certain “song” or “saying” (ex: Disney, Let It Go, Dora). Then let your kiddo record a funny lip-syncing video or dance. Save the video to your phone or just delete it after you are done playing with it. Your kids will have a ball with this one. (Warning—some of the recordings use inappropriate language so search carefully!)

dubmashvideo from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

Hope these simple ideas, make your morning or afternoon routine a little bit more fun!





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  1. christine cerveny says:

    Love the video; too cute!!!
    Also have been enjoying all your blogs!

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