3 Chalk Activities To Do Today

chalkactivitiesIts warm here for a December day in Georgia–like almost 80 degrees! But I also know back home in Ohio, friends and family are having some unseasonably warm weather this weekend too! (60 degrees—which definitely beats -20!) 

We did this after lunch today–for like 30 minutes (that’s pretty good for the attention spans in our house!) …and everyone was entertained! (including the baby giggling at her sisters from the wagon) 

Using chalk, draw shapes to make one big circle. (alternatives to shapes could be letters, numbers or colors)

  1. Bean bag toss- stand in the center of your shape circle and aim to toss bags inside the shapes. Make shapes larger or smaller to accommodate/challenge big and little siblings. After all bags are tossed, return to bucket and try again! (My 2 year old absolutely LOVED this!) 
  2. Follow the shapes- on bikes, or pushing toy strollers, stay on the shape path and try not to steer/move off of it! (Kind of like “don’t touch the ground”)
  3. Shout the shapes and run/TAG- starting in different spots on the shape path, run and shout the shape you are stomping on. One person can be “it” until they tag the other sibling. 


The teacher inside of me says these activities help with: 

Hand-eye coordination, shape recognition, and hands-on learning! (am I right?!) 




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