Monthly Archives: October 2016

“Twinning” in your 30’s

With a rough past few weeks for the both of us, we decided to do a post that is fun and a little light-hearted. Yesterday we got together for a “photo shoot” because we needed some good laughs. Below is a post we wrote together about what happens when you live a mile away from one of your best friends and like the same type of clothes… Spoiler alert–you end up with the same wardrobe! And a lot of times, you show up … Continue Reading »

For Sale

I still don’t know how all the pieces fit together, but it’s time that my words make it officially on the screen. I’ve been wrestling with this—like I should have complete answers for everything—but I’m still unsure. We are moving. Moving from a place that if I can just pause and say— is precious to us. In an almost impossible and dark situation, Augusta GA has become a sweet gift. God first drew us out of our hometown and into a very unknown … Continue Reading »

Round Two

I wrote the following post 2 days ago and a huge part of me wanted to delete it. But it is heavy on my heart to share our journey (all of it) with you.  And there is more at the bottom with updates from today.  Wednesday October 12, 2016 I’ve been MIA for the last 3 weeks and I’m sorry y’all! Our little one was sick and then we took an important trip back to Texas for a week… To try for baby #2! … Continue Reading »