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Have you ever had the chance to look back on something you wrote, spoke or did in your past? Thanks to Timehop—lots of us see the memories, the moments and get a taste of the good things that have been in our lives. I’m thankful for the baby pictures that I haven’t seen of my girls in a few years or a picture with a friend that marked a special moment for the both of us. Although it isn’t wise to live in … Continue Reading »

Rattlesnake Pasta {with no snakes I promise!}

Hi everyone!! I’m Stephanie, Angie’s totally rad and awesome younger sister! We are exactly 2 years and one day apart, but are so completely opposite, in the best way possible!   I am a hairstylist and live with my boyfriend and dog in Michigan. I love to cook and I know my boyfriend probably loves it just as much when I cook for him! This is one of my recipes that’s his favorite called “Rattlesnake Pasta.” It is a dish from J Alexanders … Continue Reading »

It’s Here

It’s technically the day everyone! It’s the first day of autumn, or on the calendar the “autumnal equinox.” That’s the science teacher in me, haha! I love fall! (It’s a basically a tie between summer and fall with the season I love most) To get you all in the mood, here are a few things I absolutely love about fall. Boots–hands down my favorite type of shoe! Cozy scarves & sweaters Breaking out extra blankets Soups—its time to start the chili and favorite soup recipes! … Continue Reading »


Hi everyone! I’m Chloe, a friend of Liz’s from Ohio. I attended a small group Liz led for all 4 years of college in Toledo. I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio with my husband and pets working as an RN. I’m thankful Liz and Angie are letting me share some thoughts on the blog today! 2014 was the most significant year of my life so far when it comes to major life events. In a matter of 6 months I had graduated with … Continue Reading »

Online Grocery Shopping for the Win

I finally tried online grocery shopping and it is AMAZING! Y’all this is a total game changer! I LOATHE going to the grocery store…something I inherited from my mom haha!  I used Kroger ClickList, but I know Sam’s, Walmart, and a ton of other grocery stores are doing this too! The steps to use Clicklist are pretty simple. I made an account through my Kroger app (or you can go to their website). Then, I entered my Kroger Plus number into the app. Entering my card number … Continue Reading »

Making Better Buying Choices

A couple of years ago my good friend Carla introduced me to an idea that has changed the way I make choices and view shopping. Basically, my shopping choices matter and there is a face behind every product I own. It’s crazy when you look at the shopping industry that way. I’m not saying I’ve changed over night, but I am really trying to make an effort and pay attention to things I buy. Knowing that ethical shopping tugs on my heart, Liz told me … Continue Reading »

In the Middle

Here’s something that I struggle with–and if I had to guess, you probably struggle with too—being in the middle of something. That “something” could literally be anything—anything that flips your life a little bit upside down. I have always wanted this blog to be truthful. It’s a place where Angie and I can be ourselves, show some honesty, strengths, weaknesses or whatever else is on our minds. The blog is for our small moments and big moments.  And so, instead of ignoring some … Continue Reading »

A Q&A With Me

I love a good Q and A and have been meaning to do one in a post for a while. The format is easy, quick, and fun! The 20 questions below definitely are a variety and came from all over. At the end you will see a special Q and A without any coaching from my 3-year-old too (don’t miss it!)  1.What do you have inside your fridge door? Lots of sauces, coffee creamer, red wine, fresh dill, limes and spray butter 2. … Continue Reading »