Monthly Archives: July 2016

Home Again With A Side of Coffee & Crackers

And just like that, we are home. Liz and I are back in the good ol’ south and it is soo HOT! I’ve loved the heat in Arizona and Texas, but this kind of humid Georgia heat is by far the most brutal! It’s good to be back and start settling in though. We already had dinner with Liz’s family last night, and all 4 girls were glad to be reunited and to enjoy some yummy popsicles. One last hometown favorite I had … Continue Reading »

Easy To Make Wall Decor

What’s better than spending part of the summer with family and having your mom around to tackle a fun DIY project?! The other day, my mom and I were window shopping at a local antique store and I came across a really pretty wreath. My mom is definitely craftier than me and also likes “projects” a touch more than me too. (just ask my 5 year-old about her and Mimi’s special projects—they have like a million.) One of the reasons I liked this … Continue Reading »

When You Just Can’t Part With Your Favorite Tee

I finally finished the tee shirt blanket I’ve told my husband I was going to make for the last 5 years! Just needed a little help from my mom!  I am by no means a seamstress— the last thing I made was a pair of boxer shorts in 8th grade home ec lol! I can basically hem and dart pants and sew on a button. I knew if I had a little guidance though I could make a tee shirt blanket. Thanks to my … Continue Reading »

Are you “Fit-ish?”

While my time at home has been rich and filled with many of the faces that I adore, ya know what has been down-right awful here? My eating and exercise routine. Its been a challenge to really have a set “routine.” And with lots of fun activities planned and people to see, the girls and I are all over the place. Typically, my kids follow some sort of daily schedule—which I really believe in. But while we are home, that’s nearly impossible. We’ve … Continue Reading »

Tutorial for the “Perfect Wave”

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not the most stylish person, but I have two sisters who have an incredible sense of fashion and hair. Both are professional stylists and today I had my sister Stephanie give me a little hair makeover. Most days my hair goes up in a ponytail, but sometimes I just want a fresh new look! I wish I was home more often so she could do my hair all the time! After my sister was done with my cut … Continue Reading »

Love for the Lake

We had a great 4th of July weekend, and like many, we celebrated with some special traditions.  (Strawberry Poke Cake–delicious!) My family doesn’t have a long list of traditions—but one thing I’ve LOVED since I was a little girl, was my time at the lake. Especially on the 4th of July. While growing up, time at the lake was where I learned to love water sports, swim like a fish, build campfires, and be able to invite/hangout with lots of friends! (thanks Mom … Continue Reading »

When Life Gets in the Way

Life has been pretty chill this last week which is perfectly fine with me—just hanging out and visiting with family! My husband and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary before he headed home last week! I took Elaina to the zoo with my mom, aunt, and little cousin. She was more interested in the statues of animals than the real things haha! We visited my Nana Jackie and Elaina got to see the infamous “Samantha” stuffed lion my grandmother has had for the … Continue Reading »