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You Only Need a Handful

Here’s something I’ve come to realize lately—you really only need a handful of good friends. As a person who is often a “people pleaser” and one who always seems to care a little too much about what someone thinks—I’m learning that your greatest teammates, encouragers and BFFS only need to be a few. The few who love you when you aren’t your best. Frankly, when you are your worst. Thankfully, most (not all) of my greatest friends have roots or connections to my hometown. … Continue Reading »

A Favorite Hometown Salad & More!

We made it to Ohio, and yesterday my husband, daughter, and I stayed pretty busy! We headed out after breakfast to the mall to walk around and see how everything has changed. Then we stopped by to visit my youngest sister at work. Aren’t they so sweet?! We had some lunch and then went to our old high school stomping grounds! When we walked in, I told the office lady we were just visiting to see the place after graduating 12 YEARS AGO! Ah! She … Continue Reading »

Hometown Love

Hello from Ohio! We are trying something new for the next few weeks over here on the blog. And it all has to do with our hometown. Since the root of this blogging adventure started with our hometown, and also since Angie and I are currently enjoying time here—we thought it would be fitting and also unique to make our posts about this place and all of the things that make it special. We can’t really say if our posts will be about … Continue Reading »

The Purge

No, I promise I’m not talking about the movie in this post. I hate scary movies! I did it. I finally purged my closets and drawers of clothes that don’t fit me. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile now, but as I was packing for our month long visit to Ohio, I was overwhelmed by the amount of clothing I have that I don’t wear. It’s been a year since my daughter was born and I’ve realized—my body will never be … Continue Reading »

Simple & Cheap Kitchen Backsplash DIY

Almost 2 years ago we moved into our new home knowing that we DID NOT want a lot of “projects.” With our first home, we gave it a nice “makeover.” We also have a lot of friends who have bought homes and have redone most of the interior—all which is super fun! But for us, when we were house shopping in Georgia, we were looking for an updated, low maintenance home. Why? 1) my husband is a resident and works/studies super long hours … Continue Reading »

Family Date Night

The other day I found a yummy recipe on Pinterest that was titled “Date Night Mushroom Pasta with Goat Cheese.” Hello—mushrooms, goat cheese, pasta and a date night combined, sounded fabulous. I mentioned the recipe to Angie and we decided to try it together for the weekly dinners we like to have at one of our houses. So, last night was the night we had our “date night” dinner together with this new recipe. It obviously wasn’t a real date night with our … Continue Reading »

Summer Reading

If you are looking for a good book this summer—I have one to recommend! Now just so you know, I’m not a book-reading fanatic. I have a hard time pounding through a book each week. But, I do really enjoy reading—and when I read a book, I want it to be really good. In the summer, I like to take a break from non-fiction books and read something “just for fun!” So with that, I can proudly say that I’ve finished my first novel— … Continue Reading »

The Well Clothing Boutique

I’m super excited to share this post with ya’ll today! Its near and dear to my heart because of my beautiful friend and sister in Christ, Jeanelle! Together, we coached high school cheerleading while I was living in Texas. We had so much fun coaching and being pregnant together (our little ones are 2 months apart!) I miss her and our team so much! But onto her newest adventure–The Well Clothing Boutique After Jeanelle finished coaching this past year, her husband and family helped … Continue Reading »

Our Little Getaway to Platform 9 3/4

My husband and I just got back from a long weekend getaway! It was our first trip together since our honeymoon 8 years ago—partially because I have anxiety about traveling and also because we had our daughter a year ago.  Anyways, we are super nerdy and have been DYING to go to Harry Potter World! So we took advantage of all the great military discounts and decided to go to Universal Studios in Orlando! We had SO much fun! Just hanging out, sleeping … Continue Reading »