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Leftover Easter Candy Idea

Leave it to the 4-year-old in my house to think of the creative crafts and project ideas.  This morning, my big girl thought of an awesome way to shrink down our Easter candy stockpile. While she probably didn’t realize it, this candy has got to go soon. Why? Because…I’m eating too much of it with it all just laying around.  Her idea was simple and perfect for me because it required no prep. We had everything we needed! We dumped some candy into … Continue Reading »

Mom Struggles

Do you ever have those moments where you just feel like you can’t do anything right? That’s how I felt last night and have been feeling for the past couple of weeks actually. Specifically when it comes to PARENTING. Being a mom has been the most challenging job I’ve ever had…that includes teaching and coaching moody and emotional (not all of them!) high school teenagers!  Since I stopped working, measuring myself as a mom is the only kind of real achievement I reach these … Continue Reading »

This Weekend

I am certainly not a theologian or anywhere close to delivering a message on Easter Sunday. I am not qualified and I even hesitated to write anything during this Holy Week. But then I remembered that those thoughts are lies.   What I can do, is talk about my experience. My story. It’s personal, real, and is what God is all about. The traditions, plans, parties, and expectations of this weekend ahead are overwhelming. They can feel stiff. Unrealistic. Untrue. What’s true to … Continue Reading »

Sprinkles Birthday Party

In the Pinterest world that we live in, there should really be a TV show featuring parents that throw crazy first birthday parties for their babies. When I look online for ideas, sometimes my jaw literally drops—how over-the-top, extravagant, expensive but yet so creative and beautiful these parties can be! (It would make a great show!)  I love birthdays though. And I have had a blast planning the BIG first birthday for all of my girls. My oldest daughter definitely got the long … Continue Reading »

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

Sorry we’ve been MIA for a few days, but Liz and I had a super fun weekend hanging out with one of our best friends, Katie, who was visiting from Ohio! (Just a side note, you should totally watch Girls Just Want To Have Fun with Sarah Jessica Parker and Hellen Hunt! Classic 80’s movie!)   We did a lot of shopping, eating, laughing, and watching Grey’s Anatomy…which I am like 8 years behind on!! We even went to a wine tasting festival! … Continue Reading »

A Different Date

With 3 little girlies, a very small handful of babysitters, and a resident schedule and salary, my husband and I only get around to date nights every so often. We know “date night” is important and necessary for our sanity and marriage though. Date night is usually dinner out, followed by some classic Netflix binge watching. We love and appreciate our date nights, but it is also fun to try new things. Again we are somewhat limited with our current life situation and … Continue Reading »

Magnetic & Chalkboard Space for Little Ones!

When we bought our refrigerator for our new home last July I didn’t think twice about the fact that the front of it was not magnetic.  (Enter my soon to be one year old daughter who LOVES to play with the magnets!) I wanted to have a space for her at our house to play and stick magnets and thankfully, there is an empty space on the end of our kitchen cabinets that was the perfect spot! So I went online and found a … Continue Reading »

Massive Mudroom Makeover!

So this post is a long time coming! We have a really big mudroom area right when you walk in from our garage. Our laundry room is upstairs, but I wanted STORAGE for all our junk when we come in the house!  Instead of paying someone to build custom built-ins for us, we took on the job ourselves! I basically combined a bunch of ideas I found online and created our masterpiece that I LOVE!! One of the many reasons I love it … Continue Reading »

Baby, Birthday, and the Bigger Picture

Below is a post I wrote when I was halfway through my pregnancy with my youngest daughter. She turns 1 today! I could go into ALL the endless details about her first year of life and all of her milestones…but the words I wrote almost 18 months ago about her are beautiful to me and remind me of the “bigger picture” in life. Thats what matters today.  October 25th 2014- Tonight I was reminded of God’s love and goodness through the movement and kicks … Continue Reading »

Squeezable Baby Food…Who Knew?!

So this post will probably seem like common sense to you veteran mamas, but as a first time mom, I had no clue!! Thankfully, Liz gets me through most of my new mom dilemmas!  My daughter is not a big eater. We always try to get her to eat more solids– mainly because it helps her sleep better. Full bellies = full night sleep!  Anyways, with Liz’s suggestions I’ve moved her high chair to a different spot, bought some different spoons, and tried … Continue Reading »