Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fun 30th Birthday Gift!

Well I left my 20’s behind this week and am part of the Thirty club! It wasn’t as depressing as I thought it would be. I used to think 30 was so “old” but that view has definitely changed!  It was a really laid back day. We had lunch at a cafe, Liz brought me flowers, my husband got me some AWESOME cupcakes, and I got the one big thing I asked for… A NEST THERMOSTAT!  Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation Oh yeah, I’m … Continue Reading »

February Favorites

Heres what I’ve been loving this month— Keurig Mini– I know I’m behind the times with the Keurig. I’m actually kinda new to the coffee world. I didn’t start drinking coffee until after having my 2nd baby and really I just used the good ole coffee maker for a while. But since my husband drinks coffee mainly at work and I am usually running around a lot in the morning—one easy cup in the Keurig seemed really fitting and convenient. I am loving … Continue Reading »


Since Liz and I both have young kids, we love hearing about new children’s books!  One new book that is really special to us is OUCHIWAHWAH! It’s a book “for all sorts of boo boos” and is meant to help kids with the hurts in life–whether physical or of the heart. The book is written by one of our best friend’s mom, Janet Foster Colville. We love this lady so much! (She was basically like a mom to us throughout middle school and high school … Continue Reading »

Something Fun Friday

Because it’s the weekend and I’ve been sitting on my hands with this next new idea for a little while…I’m diving in. (Quick confession—I am a jealous school girl when it comes to other people’s ….handwriting! Weird, I know…) One of the things I love about Instagram and Pinterest nowadays are the posts and pins with BEAUTIFUL hand lettering! Lots of us find meaningful words and often repost these special sayings on our own accounts. These verse, quotes and thoughts are encouraging and really … Continue Reading »

Raspberry Oatmeal Bars

I can’t take credit for this recipe! After I had my daughter last year, my friend Janessa brought me dinner and made this awesome dessert to go with it! Liz and I have tried some variations to make them healthy, but they just don’t compare to the original— so I would say stick with this! Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F and grease one 8 inch pan.  Combine all the dry ingredients. Then mix in the softened butter using your hands so … Continue Reading »

Basket Storage Ideas

When you visit my house, one common item you will find in each and every room is a BASKET. I feel like one of the ways we clean-up or stay organized in this house is by having baskets full o’stuff. My husband, however, would use another “S” word to describe this stuff…and I literally have to watch the trash every day because it seems his way of cleaning is by placing things in the garbage. Below are ways we use baskets to tidy … Continue Reading »

This Love

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I can’t help but think back to my first Valentine’s Day with my husband 13 years ago…we were juniors in high school and had only been dating a few months. I still remember him hiding the “newest” Maroon 5 CD in my locker (Songs About Jane). Oh how life was so simple back then. When our biggest worry as a couple was if we would be on time in the parking lot so we could walk into … Continue Reading »

No Lie—The Easiest Guacamole

I had an afternoon that all moms dream of…hauling your kids to the car dealer during nap-time to get your tire fixed. Righttttt. With our busy morning and then car appointment this afternoon, I was in a rush and missed lunch. Now its the late afternoon and I’m in no mood to cook anything before preparing dinner. So, I quickly mixed up some guacamole and BAM– I’m satisfied!  I don’t get any credit for this super easy and delicious guacamole! All the credit … Continue Reading »

Family, Flying, & Fears

My daughter and I spent the last week back in Ohio with family. I needed to just get away for awhile. Unfortunately my husband couldn’t come because of work so he drove us half way and my mom met us half way. Let’s just say this— the drive was TERRIBLE! Traffic was bad, the baby had lots of meltdowns, and I was beyond stressed.  Anyways once we got to Ohio it was so good to just relax. We didn’t do anything exciting—just saw family and … Continue Reading »

3 Things I Miss About Teaching

Its been almost two years since I’ve had my own classroom and been in the grind of teaching. One of the most frequent questions I get now from people, is if I love being home with my kids…the answer is always “YES” followed by a “BUT…I really miss teaching.” So since its Friday, which was my favorite day of the week as a teacher, here are 3 things I miss the most about teaching— The community- When you are in a school, the … Continue Reading »