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The Power of a Testimony

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is ready for the weekend–I’m heading home to see family and am already thankful for the next few days ahead.   Today, I’m sharing a powerful video I used to show my high school students. The video is really for anyone, but high school is especially a difficult time for so many kids. I was lucky enough to teach at a Christian school where I could freely share and talk about God’s love. Teaching in public school for a few … Continue Reading »

January Favorites

What I’ve been loving this month— Recipe- These Chicken Gyros have been my favorite go to recipe every week this month. I’m not lying…you’ve gotta try these! The marinade is so good and makes the chicken taste AMAZING. We love any type of Mediterranean food—but this is now one of our favorites! This recipe is pretty light, healthy and easy to make!  Music- We play A LOT of princess music or Disney Pandora stations at our house. We love it, but lately I’ve been trying … Continue Reading »

Austen Obsession

With the cold weather, (yes it’s been cold in GA—it even snowed this weekend!) I have been watching a lot of TV. I don’t usually do this, but when my hubby is at work and the babe is in bed… it’s kind of my guilty pleasure. I’m obsessed with period pieces, specifically Jane Austen movies.  I can’t really put my finger on it but there is something I love about a simpler time. When chivalry still existed. When marriages seemed lasting! Anyways, I … Continue Reading »

Lots of Snow & Soup

Its cold in Georgia and it even snowed here last night! It N-E-V-E-R snows here. With all the blizzard like snow, winds and cold weather around the rest of the Northeast though, I thought this post was fitting.  I made a family favorite last night–Homemade Chicken Noodle soup. Its perfect on a cold day and its EASY!!  (Confession–I made this recipe even easier and did the “lazy version” using Kroger egg noodles, instead of making homemade noodles.) This recipe comes from my father-in-law—a fabulous cook. … Continue Reading »

10 Helpful Cold Remedies for Babies

Let me preface this post by saying I am not a doctor and am not giving medical advice. These are just suggestions for things that have worked for us! (Our daughter is almost 10 months old and I didn’t start using a lot of the remedies below until she was over 6 months.)  I’m learning a lot as a first time mom with a baby in the middle of cold and flu season! Sadly, there isn’t a whole lot you can do medically for … Continue Reading »

DIY Labels: Fun custom labels for beer bottles, wine bottles, cups, etc.!

So my husband took on a new hobby back in the fall…or an obsession. Home Beer Brewing! As much as I get annoyed when he takes over my kitchen and turns it into his own chemistry lab, the process is pretty cool.  He’s still learning all the details and figuring out what works, so for Christmas I wanted to get him something that helped with the beer brewing process. I don’t know enough about all the equipment, so instead I found a company that … Continue Reading »

Cinderella meets Star Wars: The Lunar Chronicles

  Confession— I’m a big sucker for fairy tales and Disney. I can’t wait for Once Upon a Time to start back up on ABC! So in honor of the January 12th birthday of Charles Perrault (French author who wrote Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and many more…I only know that from the Google Doodle yesterday lol)— I wanted to give a little book review on a fun read my husband bought me for Christmas! I hadn’t heard of the Lunar Chronicles until … Continue Reading »

hair products for the hopeless

I’m kind of hopeless when it comes to styling my hair and keeping up with the latest hair trends, but I am always looking for new (and cheap) products to try for wavy hair.  My hair isn’t stick straight or beautifully curly–instead its an awkward in-between wave…that I still haven’t mastered how to style. And since having kids its gotten even trickier.  This week at Target, I picked up these new products.  Its always refreshing to mix up my shampoo and conditioner routine. These … Continue Reading »

Yummy Chocolate Breakfast Shake

This is my go to breakfast! I love it and have been making it for like the last 8 years! (yeah I don’t change much!) I have variations of it depending on what mood I’m in. If you need a quick and healthy breakfast that seriously tastes like a chocolate shake, try this! Sometimes if I don’t have it at breakfast, I like to make it later in the day for another meal or after I workout. (when I do, lol!)  Enjoy! Love, … Continue Reading »

4 easy ways to mix up the day with your kids

As a teacher and now stay at home mom, I’ve learned that mixing up even the smallest things in your daily routine, make a huge and positive difference…especially when activities start to feel boring or when you feel in a rut. These ideas below require little to no prep and can change the tone of the morning or afternoon for your little ones.   1. Eat a snack on a fun napkin–This seems silly because it is so simple, but its magical for my daughter. Spicing … Continue Reading »