2 Is The New You!

Today, my littlest girl turns 2. I’m admitting now that since she has no baby book, or for that matter, printed pictures in a real photo album, I’m laying some memories for her, here. #thirdchild


(Photo credit-Angel Murphy Photography)

To my wild, loud, and tender 2-year-old,

Today, I can officially call you a toddler. But you are my baby—the one that will forever be my baby. Below are a few special things about you, from this last year. And also a few things that because of you, have changed me—for the better. 

Let’s just be honest, you get away with murder. (And I thought I would never let this happen!)


You’ve got pipes—to speak your mind—however, it’s not usually in the English language. (We are working on the whole talking thing) 

You consume more apple sauce in a day, than any other kind of food or drink. You literally drink it like water. The first thing you say in the morning when I get you out of bed is “sauce!!!” …Libbey, apple sauce packets are the way to your heart.

You love ranch dressing—it’s how I get you to eat carrots.

You love being outside—you are content and thankfully more quiet there than inside.


You love puzzles and the movie Home. Every night, I sing you the movie’s theme song, “Dancing in the Dark” because it’s your favorite. How random, but adorably sweet at the same time. 

You eat grilled cheese and mac and cheese in a constant lunch and dinner rotation.

You know how to put on your own shoes—score for me!

You love your sisters—even though you hit, kick and yell at them! You hold your own quite well for being the youngest. You have voice, and it’s definitely heard. 


You are determined and driven—even for the smallest rewards–like an applesauce.

You hog FaceTime conversations with everyone we call. Sometimes, we have to hide the phone from you. 

You pray with me every night—for your dad, your friend Elaina, and your family. (You say everyone’s name aloud to me, including every one of your cousins’ names) 

You’ve got a super soft spot for your dad, and when he’s not home, you usually say “he’s in the car.” (don’t know how that whole thing started.) 


You are pretty adorable and work your magic on me most days. 

I have to be honest and say– you are clingy and shout way too much. You definitely test my patience. But you also strengthen it. And really, truthfully, you strengthen a lot of who I am as a mom. YK0A5800

Before you were born, you gave me this in-explainable strength to push through. To be brave, strong and carry on. You were the sweetest and most necessary surprise in my life, when I found out I was going to be your mom. You helped turn so much hurt into so much joy. To this day, you remind me how precious God’s timing and plan is in our lives. 


Thank you for making me a stronger momma.

When I look at you, I really feel like one day you could move a mountain. 

Happy birthday my sweet baby, 




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