Free to Struggle


Last week I uploaded some family photos to social media. Let me just say that I absolutely love them and they are amazing. I will cherish those photos forever. I received so many wonderful compliments and kind words of how beautiful we all look. These comments truly are so sweet and meaningful, but I have to be honest, all those kind words made me cry.

I cried at first because your thoughtfulness made me feel so grateful for all I have in life. I also cried because I wanted to reach out, hug you, and say, “WE ARE SOOOO NOT PERFECT!! WE ARE A HOT MESS!” I cried because I know too often I look at others’ photos and think, “I wish I had what they have.” I know the feeling of looking to what others have and asking myself, “Why can’t I have that? Why is my life the way it is?” For me, the years of longing for children are still fresh in my memory. And I know that kind of pain is multiplied for so many of you in different life situations. 


But what I need to tell you is we’re all a mess! One big pot of imperfect people just living this life the best we know how. Everyone is struggling with something, be it big or small. 

Behind my beautiful family photos, are mornings of waking up, telling myself “I will not yell at my 3 year old today.” Then literally screaming at her 10 minutes later, feeling guilty, and then having to sit with her and ask for forgiveness. Or the weekly arguments my husband and I have about finances or what his priorities are verses mine. Or the crippling panic attacks I get from my anxiety every few years…the list of imperfections can go on.

I fall short every day, or every minute for that matter! But without this reminder of being imperfect, I would not understand the need for GRACE!! 

I am a sinner, redeemed by grace through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who lived a PERFECT life for me–so I don’t have to. All I am called to do is LOVE GOD and LOVE OTHERS. If I put God and others first, everything else will fall into place. Will I fall short? YES! Will life be perfect? NO!


Jesus actually promised life would be a struggle if we choose to follow Him.

I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world. John 16:33

I know at any moment I will be in the middle of a storm of life, leaving a storm, or entering one. And sometimes, this makes me anxious because I begin to worry about what my next trial will be. But, I just pray for the strength to endure whatever God has planned. Right now my storm is parenting. It’s not a huge one, but for me it’s still a struggle. I think the words from the song “The Struggle” by Tenth Avenue North express what I am trying to say best:

We are free to struggle
We’re not struggling to be free
Your blood bought and makes us children
So children drop your chains and sing

My prayer is that you know there is no perfect life. In each of our trials we can choose to let them bring us down, or to grow and let them build us up. Again, I know my struggles in this life may not seem great in comparison to so many other things, but each of us can learn from even the smallest trial.  


I am always amazed by the life of Horatio Spafford, the author of the famous hymn, “It Is Well with My Soul.” Horatio and his wife lost their first son at the age of 2, suffered financial difficulties in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and decided to take their family to Europe. He sent his wife and four daughters ahead on the trip during which time, their ship sank and all four daughters lost their lives. He and his wife had three more children later on, but lost another son at the age of 4 to scarlet fever. And yet, through all of this, he wrote one of the most powerful hymns:

When peace like a river attendeth my way
When sorrow’s like sea billows roll
Whatever my lot you have taught me to say
It is well It is well with my soul

These words often bring me to my knees because I think of the faith the Spaffords possessed and I am blown away. Whatever my lot, whatever God has for me in this life, I need to remember His love is greater than all things and I can have peace in my soul.

You, my friends, are loved so greatly by a Savior willing to die for you. Let that be your anthem and let yourself feel free to struggle well. 

Again, thank you to everyone for the sweetest comments about our family photos, they truly mean so much to us!

And just for fun, here’s how Nora’s 1st birthday photo turned out…ENJOY!


With Love, 


Home in Myrtle Beach

Hey Everyone! 

I’m sitting at my new kitchen table in our new home here in Myrtle Beach! It’s been ages (at least in the social media world) since we’ve updated the blog. And man…it feels good to get on here and type a little something. 

This last year, was definitely a whirlwind. It was full of transition and change. If you haven’t been following along, after 10 years, my husband finished his medical journey and graduated from his residency program. Can I get a hallelujah?!

This summer, we’ve moved away from Atlanta, started to get settled in Myrtle Beach and have done a little traveling up to our hometown in Ohio too. What an adventure. 


For the first time in 10 years, I am now beginning to process the idea of staying put somewhere. Digging my heels in. Starting roots. {As I write this, I know full well that life has a funny way of turning out different than planned, so I’m aware of that constant possibility.} But truthfully, this is a new feeling for me. And a mindset that will definitely have to be developed–to think past the temporary. 

With our new space, I have felt a little hurried to make it feel like home. Can anyone relate to that? I’ve also had a little internal pressure going on, where I feel like I should be 110% confident about everything that is new here for us.

I’m wondering (or worrying) about finding community, connecting with our neighbors and what the school year will be like for our girls. Is this the right fit? Will my kids grow and develop into loving and kind people in this environment? All the questions!

 These are just some of my initial worries, and I’m sure most people have these thoughts no matter how long they’ve lived somewhere.

I find myself having high expectations for our family, when really I need to allow time for things to happen more naturally. There is no race to be won, or official check-list that needs to be crossed off when feeling settled in a new home. I need to remind myself of that and ultimately, I need to go back to the foundation of our home that is in Christ. With Him, our house (family) is on a rock. And it cannot be shaken. (Luke 6:46-49)


I’m thankful for this next phase in life. And I’m so thankful for how the Lord has led us here and already has provided in so many ways. More on that story later! 

Also–just throwing this out there and being super honest….

I’ve had a horrible time being in the Word so far this summer. It’s one of my goals to be reading the Bible everyday–and summer has definitely not been my finest hour. 

I ordered this book today and I’m hoping it gives me some motivation for consistency! If anyone else is in that same boat, especially during the summer months, I’ll keep ya posted if it helps!








DIY Built-Ins


So I figured it would be appropriate to show y’all this project now that it has been done for a whole year lol! I’ve wanted “Built-Ins” since we moved into our house 3 years ago. Finally after nagging the hubby for the first 2 years, he helped me build them! I looked online for inspiration, but ultimately we used our own plans for the project. They are not technically recessed or anything, but they are attached to the wall. I’m basically going to show you photos and give you a general description of what we did. We are NOT professionals, but they work and I LOVE THEM! So here it goes!

The room was empty and boring before! And even though the house was already built when we found it, we had the builder put in hardwood floors throughout the family room before we moved in…Kids+Dogs+carpeting = no Buena!!


We started the process by ripping out the baseboards! BookShelves

Next we used stock 12″ deep upper cabinets from Lowe’s as the base. We built them up on 2″x6″s to give them height.BookShelves2

After that we added new baseboard all around. And I started to paint them!BookShelves3 BookShelves4 BookShelves5 BookShelves6

Then we added wood on top that we stained. My husband used a router to make the edges nice and pretty! Then we started on the shelves…

This was a PAIN IN THE BUTT!! The wood was not level and of course neither were the walls! But we got it done!


We then used 1″x2″s to trim all around the front to give it a thicker look.BookShelves10BookShelves11

And finally, crown molding, paint, and hardware!! They are so beautiful to me! My husband finds everything wrong with them but that’s just because he built them. The whole process took about 4 weeks. We took breaks and did it as my husband had time off work. (And yes, our TV is crooked haha!). Hope you like them!BookShelves12




Gift Ideas for the toddlers in your life

My daughter celebrated her 3rd birthday earlier this month and I was a little stumped at first with what to get her for a present. Having 2 older sisters, we have plenty of toys (aka junk) to go around. We also have another move right around the corner, so the less “stuff” the better.

Ideally, I was looking for gifts that my toddler could grow with over the next year or so and also find fascination in for longer than 10 minutes…because, you know, the attention span.

Anyways, here is what I came up with. (If you caught my Facebook live last week, I talked about one of the gifts a little bit already-it’s been a huge hit!)

Insect Lore: Live Butterfly Growing Kit- This kit comes with live caterpillars that grow and become butterflies. The kit has everything you need and very detailed instructions. Everyone in my family is really into this…even 15 days later! Currently our caterpillars are in their chrysalides and in about 7-10 days we’ll watch the butterflies hatch and then release them a few days after. My husband is even into this gift, haha! Its hands-on, exciting and different from a typical toy. 9

Star Projector Night Light-This is basically a “supped up” night light that rotates the stars and moon around the room on the ceiling. There are lots of different color combinations you can choose to project, so that makes it fun each night for my daughter. Actually, all of my kids want this in their room.  71hvyw0sr3L._SX522_

Micro Scooter-We have 2 of these and the majority of the kids on our street have these scooters too. They are a great starter scooter and are nice for toddlers learning to balance.  61Kv1RLAACL._SL1200_

Magnetic Blocks-My daughter got these actually at Christmas, but it’s a great birthday gift idea. This is another gift that all of my kids play with and I even catch my husband messing around with too. When we take these out, my kids are entertained for a while. It might be their favorite or number 1 toy that we play with inside.


Photo book-If you are like me, you struggle to get any of your pictures actually printed anymore. But, I told myself this year, especially after we took our big Disney trip that I would make my daughter a little album, just for her to have and look at her awesome vacation memories.


For those of you looking for a gift, hope this helps!



We Did Disney!

Disclaimer: This isn’t a post written by a Disney expert. They pay other people the big bucks for that! Lol

About two weeks ago, my parents took us to Disney World.  Spoiler Alert–It was sensational! (that’s why I have to share this with you all!)


The kids had the best time and it really was “magical.” Initially, I was expecting a good trip, but mostly an exhausting or “heavy” parenting experience. I figured the kids would like it, but us as the parents would “pay” for it with lots of energy lost and missed naps to show for it.

Truly, that wasn’t the case. Our kids were at great ages (6 ,4, and 2) to go and enjoy the parks for the whole day.  We had minimal meltdowns and really just crashed at the end of the night, after having a full day. 


Every day since we have been home, I’ve been asked, “can we go back to Disney World tomorrow” or “can we see Cinderella’s house again?” …I love that my kids are still talking about the trip 2 weeks later. It means it was all a success in my mind!

If I could sum up the 5 best things we did and/or learned from the trip it would be this:

  • We spent 4 nights and 3 days at Disney. That was plenty long for us (being first-timers.) My kids loved all of the parks we went to and their excitement was just as high on day 3 as day 1. Had we done more than 3 days at the speed we were going, I think we would’ve started to drag our feet and really get exhausted. I was really happy with the amount of days we decided to go for.3
  • Disney trips should be well orchestrated. We planned the places we wanted to eat, all of the rides, shows, and parades we wanted to see and made a timeline around the FastPass times we had in the parks. If you aren’t familiar, a FastPass is basically a way to skip the lines for rides/shows. It’s pretty awesome, especially for all the popular rides that everyone likes. Each day we had a schedule because of our meals and FastPasses. We also took advantage of the My Disney Experience App. It gave us wait times for everything at the parks! Our days flowed smoothly and almost effortlessly because we had a plan. 5
  • The food at Disney is good and depending on how long you go and where you stay, consider the dining plan! We had one meal (our last dinner) where the adults thought the food wasn’t that great. We quickly realized that until that point all the food had been so good and we hadn’t even recognized how nice everything had been.7
  • Meeting characters should not be missed (if you have young kids like us!) I wasn’t sure how my girls would feel about meeting a strange person in a life-size costume…and I wondered if after seeing one or two of them, they’d be over it. That was not the case. Especially for my 2-year-old. She could’ve seen Minnie Mouse 17 times and it would’ve been as magical as the first.1
  • Get in the Disney spirit. For you and your kids. Rock the ears, wear the shirts and buy the autograph book (that was one mistake we made-oops.) My biggest observation in the parks was that I’ve never seen so many people (mainly adults) rocking Mickey leggings, backpacks, fanny-packs and shirts and thought how normal and cool they all looked, lol! It truly is its own world! 

Here’s one of my favorite videos from the trip. My middle daughter, Kinsey shouting “Disney World!!” while watching the fireworks from the parking lot. (For years she has disliked fireworks—until Disney haha!) 


“Disney World” from HometownHoneyBlog on Vimeo.

Also, side note: we planned our trip pretty quickly (only about 4 months in advance) and used Be Our Guest Travel Company to help us. Christy was great and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for Disney travel help!

Hoping your family has a magical experience soon!



What’s Been Cookin’…Healthy Lifestyle Changes


This post piggybacks on Liz’s last post a little bit. In October, I wrote a post about me being a little bit of an emotional mess when my husband was deployed and how caring for a toddler and newborn drained me.  It took until Nora was 16 weeks old for her to get out of her colic phase. When that happened I had all the praise hands! Anyways, I tried to give myself a lot of GRACE and just make it through. But when that was over, I finally felt like I was ready to be myself again so DunDunDun I started a dreaded exercise program!

To give you some quick background, I was in great shape before I got pregnant with our first daughter, but didn’t exercise during the pregnancy because of all the medications and procedures we endured for IVF. I also had this weird fear that if I did too much I would lose the baby. I know that might sound dumb, but after we were unable to have children for so many years, I was terrified I would do something wrong. Anyways, I put on weight, more than I would like, but had a healthy girl! I never got back to that pre-pregnancy weight and just assumed I never could. So when the second pregnancy started and I gained more weight than I wanted to, I just again accepted this as my new normal.

8 Months Pregnant!

June 2017: 34 Weeks Pregnant!

Enter in social media (Yes sometimes this can be good!). I have a friend from our husbands’ residency program who is a Beach Body coach. She was always making these healthy lifestyle posts about exercise and clean eating and (total HONESTY HERE!) I was always annoyed and frustrated because I was like “I don’t have time for that.” Or “I can’t eat healthy; I’m nursing and always STARVING!” Eventually, Jamie’s posts broke me though and I contacted her.

I signed up for a Beach Body membership and started with a Facebook challenge group doing their 21 Day Fix program and eating plan. It was the first time I’d ever really looked at what I was eating. I always thought I ate healthy, but it wasn’t until I looked at my servings that I realized I needed to take better care of myself! This program was so great for me because it was based on portion containers to measure your food servings. You just have to make sure you are eating all the right things. NO CALORIE counting!!! Ugh, if there is one thing I cannot do it’s counting calories! I know some of you might love that, but it is not my cup of tea.

Portion Containers

Portion Containers

So at the end of November I started the 21 Day Fix program. It was a game changer. I didn’t set out to lose weight. I set out to accomplish a goal. I needed something for myself. I wanted to feel better and just gain energy. I forgot how much I love exercising…ok I don’t love exercising when I’m doing it, I love how I feel after! I did have a little motivating factor too, in that my husband last saw me when I was 3 weeks postpartum. And although I celebrate that body and am truly blessed to have carried 2 babies so far, I knew it wasn’t where I wanted to stay. (We also have our 10 year wedding anniversary this summer and really want to take a trip together!)


August 2017…Pre Deployment & 3 weeks Post Partum


January 2018…Post Deployment

So the 21 day fix program set me off and then I started the new Beach Body program a month ago called 80 Day Obsession. It uses the same portion measuring containers but relies on eating the right things at the right times. And let me tell you, I am eating more calories on this eating plan than I was before I started! It’s just the right foods at the right times!

Meal Plan! 2,000 calories of Good Food!

Meal Plan! 2,000 calories of Good Food!

When I say I’m on a ”diet” my husband hates it because he says it’s just eating right; meaning the way you’re always supposed to be eating. We don’t do anything crazy… stuff like chicken, grilled veggies, salads, and LOTS of EGGS!! 


Veggies & Eggs!!!

Side Note: we had our first date night a couple weeks ago when Liz and her family came to stay with our kiddos overnight (Yes they are SAINTS!!) I let myself have some chocolate cake after dinner and it was delicious! I didn’t go crazy, but we were celebrating being together so I enjoyed it and didn’t let it bring me down.


January 2018 Date Night!

And again, I didn’t set out to lose weight. I hate numbers when it comes to weight because I truly believe you can be a healthy size 14 or size 2. I’ve always struggled with body image and have come to a point where I want to be proud of myself. Not because of what numbers say, but because of the goal I am accomplishing. I really want to build my muscle back and I’ll tell you my secret goal that I haven’t’ shared with anyone…I want to be able to do a back handspring again just like my college cheerleading days haha! It’s been 4 years since I last tried one so we will see how that goes!

Hopefully this post is encouraging to some of you and not something that sounds like I’m bragging. Eating well and exercising really does help your mind as much as your body. I now plan my workouts and eating into my day just like every other activity. Some days I wake up at 5am because I know that’s when I have to get it done (and yes my kiddos interrupt me sometimes and I just deal with it).  I am proud of myself and can’t wait for phase 2 & 3 of the 80 day Obsession program!  There’s a super motivating Happy Hour Podcast I listened to recently about living healthy too! Check it out! Liz and I LOVE Jamie Ivey if you want to check her out!

And lastly, even though Liz and I would love to be workout buddies in the same city, that’s not the case. But, we have fun motivating each other through our Apple Watch Workouts haha!


Happy Eating & Exercising Friends!



What’s Been Cookin’ Part 3

Round 3 of What’s Cookin’ is here! I’m trying something a little different to help meal plan during this season of life, and I love that as our days change, our meal plans and organizing can and will too. What I’ve been doing lately is actually pretty basic, but efficient and handy.

After trying Prep Dish (see previous post), I really liked the idea of having my meals planned and prepped for the whole week. Last year, that plan worked great, especially since David and I were in different cities. I could basically heat up something healthy and delicious for myself that I had already made ahead, instead of eating macaroni and cheese with my kids every night.

Where we are now, I’ve realized, I just need a PLAN!

I feel so much better when I actually do a meal plan for the week. Is anyone else like that? My life all around seems more organized lol, and a lot healthier too!

So right before Christmas I ordered the Skinnytaste meal planner by Gina Homolka. I had already been trying to plan/write out my meals on a scrap piece of paper, and it just wasn’t doing the job.


This planner is great and can be used as little or as in depth as you wish.  I love it because all my planning is in one place and it has a nice, functional layout. I’m a visual person for sure, so its been nice to see my “week” in a table with other areas for a shopping list and weekly goals.


Like I said you can go an extra step and keep track of your calories or points if you’re a weight watchers person. I’m too scatter-brained and forgetful to really keep track of everything I eat all day, but I can really see the benefit of using it, especially with skinnytaste recipes. Gina, does an awesome job of tracking all the points/calories with her recipes for you! Sample from the meal planner below:


I’ve loved using this for the last month and take it with me when I grocery shop now. (No need to have another list or random piece of paper when everything can be in the planner.)

Another bonus is with everything being in one planner, I can easily go back and see what recipes I haven’t made in a while or ones I’ve really liked and should try again.

If you are trying to get into a groove of meal planning/eating healthy, check out this planner!

Also, a few other tidbits that I thought I would share:

  • Follow skinnytaste on Instagram if you don’t already! Right now, Gina is posting weekly meal plans and adding quick “how to” videos of her recipes. I love watching recipe videos and getting inspired that way! Tonight I’m making the stuffed red peppers, because they looked so good in her Instagram feed. 
  • Another cookbook I am really looking forward to trying is called From Freezer to Table. I listened to the authors of this cookbook on Jamie Ivey’s podcast and their recipes sound right up my alley. If I can make something that freezes well and reheats deliciously, I will definitely try it! The cookbook’s reviews are fabulous on Amazon too—that’s a good sign!51uLhNFqDnL._SX409_BO1,204,203,200_
  • Lastly, I am loving my Instant Pot that I got for Christmas! There are so many easy and delicious recipes I’ve made in such a short amount of time, thanks to the amazing Instant Pot. Sweet potatoes, black bean soup (my kids’ favorite), and quinoa bowls to name a few! If you like cooking in the crock-pot or having dinner ready about 3x faster than normal—try the Instant pot!71bN6MCuICL._SL1500_

Happy meal planning friends!


A few Friday thoughts

This week my daughter came home with her weekly homework folder and the new assignment to complete an Acts of Kindness calendar. Each day she is supposed to choose one act of kindness and log what she did on her calendar. She was given a list of 100 different kid ideas ranging from: holding the door open for someone, picking up litter, telling a joke, or volunteering in a soup kitchen.


At first, I thought this “homework” was a little odd. Definitely different from math facts and reading assignments. But then I came to realize, how much I actually loved the homework idea. And what a great way to look at the year ahead.

I had a friend once say that people can never get too many compliments. We often say the negative things before the positive. She put it this way—“If you are thinking something nice, say it.” “If you love someone’s hair, tell them, instead of wishing yours was like that, or letting jealousy creep in.”  A kind word, or simple act goes a long way and it usually makes someone’s day. These words have stuck with me and always will.

If there’s one thing I actually want my first grader to learn, it’s that the little things count. and kindness matters. That small steps can end up making big strides. Serving others is an act of love and small things can make a big difference.


Lately, my husband and I have been exhaustively deliberating over our future. The big job. And honestly, it’s been a draining process—for both of us. After being several days or weeks into this, I have noticed that I think part of the exhaustion for me is all the “attention” or focus I am giving myself. All my brain power has basically been centered on one thing that’s all about me, and I feel like I’ve been frozen.  

And then thankfully this morning, I remembered Macey’s homework. There are little things to be done, even in the midst of uncertainty. And lots of good things are going on around me that I should be thankful and excited about. A huge shout out here to Angie and the safe return of her husband coming home this week from his deployment. My heart could literally burst for them. We love you guys and are so happy for your family!


(Not our finest picture-but the shirts are just too good not to share with y’all!)


One of my favorite lyrics in a song I’m loving lately is, “You are my best thought by day or by night”  and when I think of the Lord and where he has brought us, the peace He gives that no one else can, and the acts of love and kindness that can be done in His name–my heart swells and feels like its really beating again. He’s my best thought, through it all. (song here)

If you want some first grade homework lol, what’s a small act of kindness you could do today? A small kindness which could probably make someone’s day along with yours better!

Happy Friday friends!



Favorite Baby Essentials

Well it’s only taken me a month to write this post, but I got it done LOL!

So with our second daughter born a few months ago, we pretty much had everything we needed in terms of baby gear. I got a few little extras (like a double stroller!) but other than that we were good to go! I thought I would share some of my favorite everyday items that you definitely don’t have to have, but sure do make life a whole lot more convenient!

Diaper Dekor
Dekor Plus Hands-Free Diaper Pail, White


Ok, like I said you don’t NEED a diaper pail, but they are super convenient! I actually have one at my house, my parent’s house, and in-laws’ house haha! I love how sleek and simple this one is because you can use it as a regular garbage as well! It uses less plastic than other diaper pails, they have regular plastic and biodegradable bags, AND they offer cloth diapering bags that fit inside if you choose to go that route! I only lasted 3 months with the cloth diapers, but oh well!

OXO Wipe Dispenser
OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser


This is my husband’s favorite! He HATES normal plastic wipe dispensers because he’s always shaking the wipes out and pulls out more than he wants! This thing has a weight that allows you to remove one at a time! Again, simple and sleek looking so you can use it for doggie paw wipes when you’re done with kids!


Swaddles have been Liz and my jam in the infant phase! Our moms think our kids look like they are in strait jackets but they work! I use different ones for different ages.

Nuroo: This was great for the newborn stage! Thin, super soft material; easy to use with no zippers or Velcro! Great for hot temperatures or if you only want a thin layer over baby! They work as a sleep sack too when you don’t want to swaddle anymore!

Nuroo The Swaddler One Size For All Babies From Preemie to 9 Months- Goodnight Stars


Halo Sleepsack Swaddle: I like these ones for the the 2-5 month age. I can wrap my babes super tight in these (safely of course!) They sell just the zip up wearable blanket for when your babes are done swaddling.

HALO SleepSack 100% Cotton Swaddle, Cream, Small


Summer Infant Wrap Sack: These are nice for the 1-2 month stage. I think after that I like the Halo ones. Again, pretty easy to use and wrap your little ones up tightly!

Summer Infant SwaddleMe WrapSack Blanket, Transport, Small

wrapsackLittle Lotus Swaddle: I came across this brand when I was pregnant and LOVE their company mission! These swaddles and wearable blankets are a little more expensive but for good reason (I waited for a deal before I bought one). First, “Little Lotus products feature Outlast® technology first developed for NASA spacesuits. The special proprietary fabric draws away excess heat when babies get too warm, and releases it when they start to cool down. It keeps your baby at an ideal temperature in a safe and comfortable way and fewer temperature fluctuations means better sleep.” Second, “With every Little Lotus product you purchase, they will donate proceeds to save a baby in the developing world with the Embrace incubator.” So it’s a win-win! You get an AWESOME product and help save babies! Score!

Little Lotus


Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50: This was a new one I found because my daughter was breaking out of the swaddle at 4 months no matter how tightly I wrapped her. I like how this version lets them keep their hands up and then you easily transition by removing one sleeve at a time! It looks so funny though, haha!

Love to Dream Swaddle UP 50/50, Gray, Medium, 13-18.5 lbs


Bottle Rack & Bottle Warmer

I use a bottle rack every single day for all my pumping supplies and bottles. My favorite is this one:
Munchkin High Capacity Drying Rack, White


The bottle warmer is definitely a convenience thing but it really does help when you’re quickly trying to warm a bottle! I’ve used two and have liked both!
Munchkin High Speed Bottle Warmer, Orange/White, 1 Count

bottle warmer

Sound Machines

I’m kind of obsessed with sound machines. My husband says “you couldn’t hear a dump truck driving through a nitroglycerin plant” with how many sound machines I have LOL! Excuse my Christmas Vacation reference. We have one in every room of the house! My two favorite ones are these:

Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural Sound Machine, White


myBaby SoundSpa White Noise Machine, Plays 6 Soothing Sounds, Adjustable Volume Control, Lightweight, Perfect for Travel, Baby Soother, MYB-S205


Infant Optics Video Monitor
Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor with Interchangeable Optical Lens


This has been the only video monitor I’ve ever tried and since I have been happy with it I have to recommend it! I did not want a Wifi monitor that I had to check on my phone so if you want Wifi this is not the one for you. I like that you can add up to 4 cameras (we currently have two) and how it automatically cycles between cameras every 5 seconds. You can leave the video part on or turn it off. It definitely lasts! We’ve been using ours for over two and a half years so to me it was worth every penny!

Overall it just comes down to preference. Use what makes you and your baby happy! Hope this helps even in a small way for you and your family!



*I did not receive any compensation for these recommendations. These are my personal preferences. 

December Favorites

Its been a while since I’ve posted about the things I’ve been loving, and it seems like there are so many things lately–so here’s a long over due favorite things post! 

Christmas Advent Devotional-So we are only 3 days into this Christmas devotional and I’ll be beyond impressed if we can do this everyday, or make it past day 7–but so far my kids are really liking it. The introduction is written so beautifully and also comically for parents. It’s a gentle reminder that the devotional isn’t meant to get you brownie points with God, or make you and your family start a tradition that just becomes a burden and stressful.  With wise words the authors say, “Let it serve you and your family; don’t serve it.” Maybe we’ll do it everyday or maybe forget and also just do it a handful of times–either way I love the way it’s laid out and the words written within!


Stuffed Acorn Squash- This is a Skinnytaste recipe that I recently found on Instagram that is hands down one of our favorite dinner recipes now. I have made this almost every other week since I discovered it and it’s so so so delicious. At first, the combination of squash with a turkey chili seemed kind of odd to me- but the flavors go together so nicely. Also this meal is low cal and very filling. We always have leftovers that heat up really well. Try it-I promise you’ll be impressed. 


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Can of Sangria-Now I know this will lead you to believe that I’m super classy (jk) but I’ve been really liking my wine in a can lately, lol. This flipflop Fizzy Sangria is so tasty. I usually get it at Kroger for a great deal and it is one of our favorite sangrias now–with the perfect amount of fizz!048b359e-6305-480a-bef2-9451d6c1cbed_1.e7e0e76b143033deb88a51cc108b34b4

Athleta pants– I’ve been a huge fan of Athleta for a while now but the prices are a little high for my liking typically. As a birthday present though I used a gift card and let myself splurge on a new pair of skinny jeans (I got them in the grey wash.) They are now the most comfortable pair of jeans I own! They stretch easily and are made of a really nice and soft material. They also have tall sizes at Athleta which is another reason why I love their clothing. 


Norwex body cloth– Some of my friends have had a few Norwex Facebook parties and over the years I’ve tried their different cleaning cloths and really like them. If you haven’t heard of Norwex is, its definitely something to look in to–especially if you are trying to limit chemicals in your home or want to save money on cleaning supplies. Anyways, the most recent product I received was a body cloth. With just warm water, I’ve been using the cloth at night to clean my face and take off my make-up. It works so well! Eliminating the strong make-up removers that have always left my face a little irritated and using the cloth with only warm water makes my face feel perfectly clean. eb831adcc7e3458e2f6fd16749fcda4db550418a

Amazon Music-I’m probably behind with this favorite thing, but I recently just started using Amazon Music and I’m in love. After trying a free trial of Apple Music I thought I’d be disappointed to switch and try Amazon–but I was wrong. The music selection is just as good and the price is definitely lower. The kids are really liking the different stations you can play like, “Holidays for Kids” and “Disney Favorites.” And I like being able to add and download songs to a playlist while I go on a run or am driving in the car.  IMG-7294

Bridgewater Sweet Grace Candle- This is my absolute favorite candle of all time, and if you know about my love for candles or as my husband likes to call it, “my candle habit” then you know that I have a lot of candles to choose from. I also love that each candle sold by Bridgewater provides 3 meals for orphans overseas through the Light-A-Candle-Feed-A-Child-Program. This candle smells so amazing and I would burn it everyday if I had a life-time supply!  


Goodreads- This is another thing that a lot of people are probably already using and loving, but its also surprising the number of people I’ve talked to who don’t know about Goodreads and love to read and get good book recommendations. This year has been a fun year for me to get back into reading for enjoyment and I love using the Goodreads app. For me, my favorite thing about it is keeping track of what I want to read (instead of keeping a paper list) and also seeing what my friends are reading and loving. Goodreads also recommends books you might like and does giveaways for free books that they know are on your want to read list. I love this app! 


Tea tree shampooFor someone with a dry and itchy scalp, this shampoo has changed my hair and skin drastically in just a few uses. Having sensitive skin, I can see a remarkable difference and also I like that tea tree oil has a lot of other beneficial qualities–for hair thinning and lice prevention. (In our house we all use lice prevention hair products since we get frequent notifications about it being present in the kids’ schools–ugh!)


Hope your December is off to a great start!